Things Are Progressing  

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8/17/2006 1:54 pm
Things Are Progressing

I took the time today to read a couple of other blogs. Some are quite touching and worthy of the read, others...well let's be kind and skip those.

I imagine that blogs in general are either one of two things...from the heart, true and revealing of the writer...or fantasy, fiction, maybe even bullshit! Sometimes a fantasy is nice to read, but the real ones are the best.

I like to write fantasy too, but you have to keep it real. I mean five women in one nicght?? PLEASE!! I can't imagine ven having the energy let alone the time for that. And who are these women?? How would you like to be #5, talk about short shift!!

Anyway, enough of those make believe blogs. As I said the honest ones who long for meaning are the ones to read.

I read one today that described how she would like a man to seduce her. That was HOT!! It was very real as well. I could imagine her writting it! Very sensitive and true emotion showing there.

So we have blogs like this but do we ever really tell someone how we feel when we have them in the flesh and blood, standing before us? If we did more of that maybe we as a group would be happier?

But I guess that's part of the fantasy...right? If we had someone like that to talk to we wouldn't need this site. I wonder if that's what happens to people when they suddenly disappear from the site.

Take for example one young lady I was conversing with. Suddenly her site is turned off. Either I said something that ticked her off or she got tired of this site or she found someone to be close with...unfortunately not me. But hey you've got to expect that. I have come to the realization that I'd be extremely lucky to hook up with one or two women immediately! It's like life, it takes time. Though you'd think this site would accelerate the process.

I've also discovered that women have a huge advantage on this site! Not only can they put on very sexy opictures in many different positions with various layers of clothing, but they are the ones being persued. We men can put on the "cock" shot and what else? Maybe an ass shot if your butt looks nice, but not much more. And lord help you if you've got a less than beautiful face. I'd bet that every woman who checks out a guy looks first at his face and physic before the "cock" shot. Men would be more likely to check out the breasts and shape of the body, then the face and finally the vagina shot. I actually am not impressed by the latter shot. I think a semi dressed body shot is much more appealing than the "hole". Some women have the class to show partial nudity that entices the guy to look at more. I prefer these shots over all else. They create imagination!! Which by the way is something that is lacking in most of our lives...

So I shall continue browsing, and sending emails. My frustartion is in the people who don't respond. If you're not interested then say so, if your too lazy to reply, shame on you!!

Well enough soap box for today.

Stay tuned for fantasy #2...

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