So What's in a few years??  

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8/21/2006 12:49 pm
So What's in a few years??

Got a message today from a young girl who was interested in me but couldn't get by the age difference. (about 30 years). So what's in an age anyway?

I mean we're not talking marriage and living the rest of our lives together here. Just a fun rendevous. So why should age be so important?

Seems to me if the people are attractd to one another age shouldn't matter. Just becasue someone is 40 and someone else is 20 what's the big deal??

I suppose for women and 40 - 50 year old man is like screwing your father. But get past that and maybe the guy has some technique instead of wham bam over in 20 seconds.

I know I shouldn't get all bent out of shape over this and I'm not, just find the excuse a bit lame.

Had another young lady (1 who said she didn't mind the age difference but couldn't get past the fact that I was maried. Said she'd feel like she was cheating my wife or something.

Please!!! My wife WANTS me to have sex with other women. She tells me regularly so I'll leave her alone. She has almost ZERO sex drive and is quite annoyed with me because I have so much drive. She even offered to buy me a prostitute to relieve myself. But that comes with a set of different problems. So she found this site andtold me to sign up. Which I did.

I showed her the email from the 18 year old and she just sighed. She said it probably has nothing to do with my being married, just that the girl was freeked out by the age and marriage together. Tender souls these 18 year olds. They think they're grown up, but....

So my search continues...

I imagine part of my problem getting responses from women is the sheer volume of mail they get. I mean I can imagine that if I think they look sexy, so do 100 others guys. The emails they must get are staggering. Some are good though, they try to at least respond. But I suppose they can afford to be very choosy...

I must say this whole effort has been full of frustration and would have thought it would have been easier what with this site an all. I guess nothing is ever simple in life.

I shall continue...

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