Morning Coffee  

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Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

I’m headed out to grab a quick cup of coffee. It’s a tranquil day, the sun is out, a soft breeze rustles through my hair. I walk into the shop and order my coffee and walk intently toward a couch that is soft and supple. As I settle in, I take a quick scan around the shop and there you are!

Our eyes meet and we each give each other one of those subtle smiles, no teeth, just a slight parting of the lips. It’s more like our eyes are smiling as they meet. There’s a twinkle there, something alluring. It’s not an invitation but it is an openness. Something in your eyes says “you’re interesting, meet me half way”. Our gazes each end at the same time, you go back to your morning paper, I open my book to catch up on some reading.

I glance up occasionally but you are reading away. On one glance, I notice how you hold your cup. It’s cradled lightly in your hands. You caress its smoothness and run your fingers up and down the firmness of it and ring your finger around the slight lip at the top of the cup. Very seductive. But you don’t look up.

I return to my book and have come to an erotic part of the story. My nipples harden under my satin tee shirt, my erection starts to build in my shorts. As I reach down to adjust myself for comfort I look up and catch your eye again. You smile sweetly and your eyes glance down to my crotch for just a moment, then they return to my eyes. We hold the look while you take a sip of your coffee. It’s cooled somewhat now so as you bring the cup to your lips your tongue lightly strokes the edge of the cup before you take a sip. As the fluid enters your mouth your tongue licks your lips. You take a deep satisfying breath and look back and see me watching you. Our eyes meet again and we exchange that knowing smile. You know the one, it’s a smile of recognition, one were we see the world through the same eyes.

I get up (with my erection still bulging in my shorts) and go to the counter to get another cup. As I’m ordering my coffee you come to the counter to order another too. But I don’t see or sense you behind me. As I get my coffee I turn and there you are. I have a look of surprise on my face but when our eyes meet my surprise softens into a gaze of welcome. As I go to move around you and you move forward to the counter, your hand reaches out and your fingers gently run up the length of my erection. My surprise returns but it stops me in my tracks.

As you move to the counter to place your order I move behind you. You’re wearing a soft, short flowing skirt. I look down at your ass which is right in front of me since you’re now leaning on the counter. It’s inviting, round, smooth and just the right height. My cock is now pounding in my shorts. I can’t help myself, I reach out and lightly stroke the softness of your ass. As I do, you gently move firmly into my hand, almost as if you were expecting me to caress your ass.

I change from a light stroke to a firm grasp. Your muscles tighten and I can feel your smoothness under your skirt. I can also tell that you’re not wearing any panties. As I gently and firmly squeeze your ass it contracts and relaxes with each squeeze of my hand. The attendant is busy fixing your complicated blend of flavors so I reach out with my other hand and let my fingers travel up the inside of your thigh. You quiver slightly and your legs part to allow my hand to continue up your thigh. You breath deeper and more rapidly. I can sense your desire.

As my hand travels up your thigh, I reach forward and lightly stroke your shaved pussy. You quiver again and I can feel your wetness. It’s not wet on the exterior yet because the lips of your pussy are keeping it all to yourself for now., but I know it’s there. I can sense it, smell it and imagine what it tastes like. I roll my hands over the roundness of your ass to your hips. I pull you to me and the throbbing of my cock on your ass makes you shudder. As I do this, you stand erect causing my cock to slide up the crack of your ass.

The attendant is coming now so I back away. You turn to me and smile. Again, we exchange that knowing smile, the one that says “I know you”. We each return to our coffee and reading. I can’t get you out of my mind. Neither can you. We keep glancing at each other with that knowing smile. I wonder if I leave if you will follow. I know that if you do, I would follow. As I’m wondering, you get up to leave. As you exit the door you pause briefly and look over your shoulder. Our eyes meet and I rise to follow. You’re about 3-4 paces ahead of me with a slutty walk. One that makes the statement “I’m in control”. You turn the corner of an alley. As I approach you reach out and grab my hand, pulling me to you.

We kiss passionately, our hands roam and we swallow each other’s tongues deeply. You still have the illusion of control in your eyes and in your touch. You whisper in my ear, “I want you”. I respond, “yes, but not here.” You tell me you live close by and that we could go to your house. I respond “sure, why not.”

I follow you to your house. My mind is racing with thoughts all over the map. But I don’t like the lack of control I feel. I’m not sure what to do other than to go with the flow and assess the situation as it unfolds. We arrive at your house and go inside. Once in the door we embrace again. You have a sense of being in control but I reach up and place my hands around the side of your head as we passionately kiss. In the height of our passion, I force you against the door. I can sense the surprise in your body’s reaction. All of a sudden, the confidence of control fades and the pliability of submission consumes you. Your embrace of me weakens, your knees slightly release. You have now passed control to me and I sense it strongly. I grab the back of your hair and pull your head back. I kiss your neck and let my tongue freely roam over your neck and shoulders. We kiss again, but this time my tongue is filling your mouth. You accept me and I sense that you want me to fill you.

I stand back slightly looking into your eyes. They are much softer now, more inviting than challenging. I look down over your body as you lean against the door. I reach out and pull open your blouse. Buttons fly and you’re not wearing a bra. Your breasts are exposed and your nipples are hard. You have a slight look of shock on your face but your eyes command me to take you. I reach out and caress your breasts. You sigh deeply and your knees weaken just a little bit more. You reach down and caress your pussy through your skirt as my mouth moves to your nipples. My hands and mouth are busy massaging your breasts and sucking your nipples. As I suck harder you start to moan. I lightly bite and fondle your nipples with my tongue and your breathing increases. The harder I bite, the more you like it. Your hand continues to stroke your pussy like you’re warming it up for what’s to come.

I step back to look at you. Your blouse is torn open but not really damaged. You’re still leaning weakly against the door. Your head is slightly back and your eyes are closed. I watch your hand as you stroke your pussy. Each stroke matches each breath. I reach out and lift you in my arms. I carry you to the living room and place you on the couch. Your hand returns to your pussy. It’s no longer stroking, it’s more for protection and comfort; a defensive and submissive posture.

We have hardly spoken at this point. Not in the shop, only a few words in the alley and none in your home. So I ask “what’s up” and you become self conscious. You begin to tell me how you had really let one of your girlfriends down by sleeping with her boyfriend. She found out and now hates you. We have a dialog about what a fucked up thing that was to do. You start to get defensive and justify your actions. “It was really his fault” and “I don’t know, it just happened”.

I grab your arm and pull you up off the couch. I sit and pull you over the arm of the couch with your breasts in my crotch and your ass bent over the arm. I smack your ass firmly but gently. You wince slightly but grip my leg. I slap your ass again and your grip increases along with your breathing. I lift your skirt and there’s that beautiful ass again. But now it’s slightly rosy and quivering ever so slightly. I slap your ass again. Harder this time and you moan with pleasure. I slowly spank you with varying degrees of firmness. As I do, your legs part. I lean to put one hand between your legs to feel your warm pussy. My other had feels the heat from your ass. It’s redder now, not quite so rosy.

As I reach to your pussy I can smell the sweet scent of it. I continue to spank you. As my position has changed, your head is now between my thighs. As my fingers part the lips of your pussy your hands grip my thighs with a feverish grip. As the lips of your pussy part I can finally feel your wetness. It was waiting to be released. As my finger moves and touches your clit your legs spread wider. I continue to spank you and each time I do your hips move in rhythm. My finger moves from your clit to feel your wetness. As I fully part your lips your wetness gushes out and fills my hand. My finger continues to slide along your pussy penetrating deeper as your body allows. When I reach the source of the wetness my finger gently enters. Your entire body responds with that tension of pleasure we know oh so well. I continue to slowly spank your ass as I tease your pussy with my finger. You can feel my hard cock against your breasts. It’s throbbing now more than before. Your reaction to my strength excites me. I’m not quite sure how to proceed since I’ve never really played the dominate role in any kind of bondage situation.

I pause for a few seconds to collect my thoughts… I pull your skirt back over your ass. I reach down and grab your shoulders and lift you to free my body from under yours. I tell you “I hoped you learned your lesson. Fucking your friend’s boyfriend is just uncool”. I stand and walk behind you quietly. You continue to lay in the position I left you in. I look at you. You ass and parted legs look so inviting. But I don’t want to simply take you, I want you to beg for me! A minute passes and there are no words. Your mind is racing trying to figure out what’s going on. You hear me slowly walking toward the door. “Do I stop him?” you ask yourself. “Is he upset?” “Is he coming back?” “I want him badly, I have to apologize for my actions.” As I reach the door you roll over on your back. The arm of the couch is now under your knees but you can see me at the door framed between your legs. Your mind races some more. “How can I keep him here?” “What does he want?” You call out “Where are you going?”. I respond “I have no time for someone like you.” You respond “Please don’t go. Talk to me.” I turn to look at you and you have pulled your own skirt up this time and your hands are stroking your inner thighs. I pause, contemplating what to do. You move one hand to your nipple and the other to your wet throbbing pussy. You plead with me to stay “Please stay. I want you, I need you, I want to consume you.” My hand leaves the door knob. My cock is still bulging in my pants. I want you too but I want you on my terms.

I ever so slowly walk back to the couch. I gaze at you tweaking your nipples and fondling your wet pussy. I stand over you, fully in control, fully being the man! You reach out to feel my hardness. I take a deep breath and feel my blood rise and my strength grow stronger. You reach up and undo my belt. With one hand you caress my balls through my shorts, with the other you unbutton and unzip my shorts. As my shorts part, my hard cock is revealed. You squeeze me gently as my shorts fall to the floor. You pull down on my cock to view the full length of it; looking upward it appears larger than it really is. You pull me to you with one hand while your other returns to your wet pussy.

I straddle your head with you still on your back. Your tongue darts out to taste my balls and you gently suck them. Intermittently, you suck them hard enough to cause just a hint of discomfort. It’s a message to tell me you want to swallow all of me. You pull my cock down and lightly run your tongue over its head. You then gently run your tongue through the slit in my cock and taste the pre-cum that lingers there. The message to you is that I’m ready and want you too.

You run your tongue up and down the length of the underside of my cock. It makes me shudder. You then take me into your mouth, so warm, so moist, so wanting. You let go of my cock from your hand and gently caress my balls. Your tongue encircles my head, you softly stroke my balls. Your other hand is slowly stroking your wet pussy, in the same rhythm as your mouth and tongue caress my cock. You extend your head to take me deeply. The head of my cock hits the back of your throat. But you want more. You slowly bring your mouth back over my head. Just enough to keep from losing my cock from your mouth. Again you tease my head and your tongue visits my slit. You take me in deeply again. This time just a little faster, a little harder and a little deeper. You start to get more and more aroused. The hand on your pussy moves more feverishly now. Your hips are starting to squirm. Your rhythm has increased as your mouth moves over my cock. You gently squeeze my balls and your finger starts to seek out my asshole. You notice my response and this increases your excitement. Suddenly you have your first orgasm. Powerful waves move through your body. You stiffen but your intensity on my cock increases. You drive me deeper and deeper into your throat. Your finger penetrates my ass as you apply pressure to my prostrate. I’m quivering now, ready to explode. You know I’m near, your excitement builds and you cum again. Stronger than before because you’re anticipating me exploding into your mouth. Bang! Another orgasm for you.

I withdraw my cock from your mouth. You finger leaves my ass. My cock is rising up and down on it’s own. Throbbing in anticipation as I stand over you. I step back and take a deep breath. Need to settle down a bit. You know I was right on the edge and you were surprised that I pulled out. You had anticipated the taste and heat of my semen gushing into your mouth.

I walk to the end of the couch and stand between your legs. Your hand is still on your pussy, slowly caressing it as if it were a soft young kitten purring to your touch. I grab your knees and slowly lift and pull you so your ass is perched on the arm of the couch. I press your legs wide apart and slightly back so your pussy is fully exposed to me. Again your mind races. “Will he fuck me?” “will he eat me?” “Will he insert one of my toys in me?” “I want his cock so badly.”

As I spread your legs a little wider I fall to my knees with my hands on your calves. I move my face closer to your swollen pussy. I can smell the wonderful scent of you, I can see your wetness and I can see your pussy throbbing. My tongue reaches out to gently wander over your clit. You moan with pleasure. The lips of your pussy need no further help in parting. They are open and inviting. I increase the frequency and firmness of my tongue on your clit. Your body starts to rock in rhythm. As I work your clit, I know you want me to fuck you with my tongue. But I wait. As I twirl your clit with my tongue, you orgasm again. You squirt a small amount of juice that runs over your asshole. During your orgasm my tongue reaches down to lap up the juices from your lips. But I don’t penetrate, it’s not time yet. I return to your clit and work you some more. You orgasm again and cry out for me to be inside you. You gushed more juice this time and my finger drops down and encircles your asshole. Your juices offer lubrication as it slides round and round. As I work your clit, my finger toys with your ass. Just a little deeper with each circle. The rhythm of your body is increasing rapidly. I can hear your breathing, moans, groans and the grinding of your teeth. The anticipation of my finger on your ass and my tongue on your clit is almost too much to take. You orgasm again with a huge burst of juice. Your wetness flows over my hand. This is what I’ve been waiting for. Enough natural juices to insert my finger in your ass. As I do, my tongue moves from your clit to your pussy. You are so swollen now that you’re almost inside-out. The rough surface from the upper inside of your pussy is pushing outward, begging to be stroked with my hot tongue. I comply. The sensations of my tongue and my finger cause you to orgasm again.

You are almost exhausted at this point. I can feel your pulse behind your knees. It is running about 140 or so. Your breathing is no longer breathing. It’s more like panting. You are having trouble catching your breath and your body is quivering in delight. I remove my finger slowly and move my tongue up to very softly and gently stroke your throbbing clit one more time. I stand and look down on you. I feel powerful being above you with your legs spread, your eyes like slits, your labored breathing and your hand clinching your breasts. As I move forward you feel my hard cock against your pussy. But the head is above. You feel the hardness of its shaft against your clit and lips. I slowly move up and down rolling your clit with my hard cock. Your pussy is so swollen and exposed. It is wet and warm. There is virtually no friction between us. I continue to slowly move up and down. Your eyes roll back and you smile with how nice it feels. As my slow strokes continue, the head of my cock starts to press on the entry to your pussy. But the angle is not right for entry. Just off enough to allow me to insert about 1/3 of the head before it frees from your hole and rises to your clit. You try to adjust your position to take me in but you can’t move because my hands have your legs pinned against the couch. You continue to struggle but I resist.

I stand back a couple of inches and release one of your legs. As I reach down to grab my cock, it’s harder than I’ve felt it for a long time. While I do this, you take the opportunity to squirm closer to me providing a better angle for entry. You reach up and grab your legs and spread them wide. Your pussy is still dripping your hot juices, it glimmers in the light. I’m holding my throbbing cock and press the head against your pussy, just lightly and slowly. I move the head of my cock around your pussy, parting your lips with its head. I pull back and slap your clit with my cock. I then return to teasing you by just ever so slightly inserting just the tip of my cock into your wetness. I pull back and push again. My hand blocks entry of my cock into your pussy. Just ½ the head penetrates but you want so much more. You spread your legs wider and pull your legs toward you. Your pussy is so swollen that the lips are taught with tension. The muscles inside are begging to be spread. I continue to tease you by only penetrating a little at a time.

The penetration now consumes the head of my dick. But my hand on my cock prevents any further penetration. Each time I push, my hand presses against your swollen clit. It rams you hard but the penetration is light. I release my hand and push hard, filling you with my hardness. You gasp and cum immediately. I feel your juices flow over my balls and your pussy opens up to take me deeply.

I return to the slight penetration as before. My hand hammers your clit but only the head penetrates you. You beg me to pound you hard, to give you all of me. I pound away but do not give you the penetration you crave! That would be giving you control and I’m not about to do that. This encounter is on my terms, not yours.

I pause and look down. The hole in your pussy is flexing like a child sucking on a thick milk shake but there is no straw here, only anticipation. I move my cock down around your asshole. You stiffen but it’s only about surprise. I rub the head of my cock on your asshole and you reach down to stroke your clit. I press gently but it is tight, barring entry. I press a little harder but still you won’t take me. The stroking of your hand increases in speed and firmness. I reach down and gently stroke between your lips. My cock is still pressing against your ass and ever so slowly you surrender to your own desire. The head of my cock spreads your ass and my head enters. You tense, but only because of the pleasure you feel. Just a touch of pain but between your work on your clit and my fingers in your pussy, your ass surrenders and I slowly enter you. I slowly stroke in and out. The fever of your masturbation increases and you cum again. Your juices flow down over my cock and add some lubrication. I enter you deeper, little by little. You moan with pleasure and my excitement is related to your pleasure. I increase the strength of my thrusts and each time I go deeper and deeper into your ass. As I bury myself, you orgasm again. Your breathing is very shallow now and very, very rapid. I withdraw from your ass and you reach out and grab my cock.

You pull me to your pussy. I want to tease you for a while. But you have gone over the edge in anticipation. You reach out with both hands and grab my hips and pull me into you. Your nails dig deeply into my hips and I wince with a sharp pain. But you don’t care. You are grinding and bouncing against my hard cock buried deep inside you. I start to work in rhythm with your grinding, pounding motion.

As I thrust deeper and harder, you cum again. This time you scream out in pleasure. You can’t contain yourself. Your whole body is quivering and grinding. If I stopped it would look like you were having an epileptic fit! But I don’t stop. Your excitement drives me on. I pound you harder and harder, faster and faster. Your fingers are still digging into my hips pulling me to you, hoping that my whole body can be inside you. As my excitement rises we are both grinding fast and deep. You can feel my body start to tense. You can feel me swell inside you. That feeling just before I burst. As I let go, we cum together. It’s not a simple 3 second orgasm but one that lasts for nearly a minute. We are both strung like a guitar string, pressing together so my load pushes deep inside you.

I collapse on top of you, completely spent. Your body has not collapsed like mine. You are still pushing and grinding, trying to drain every last drop from me. But as the seconds pass, you surrender to the fact that it’s over. We lay there, not saying a word. Simply relaxing into the ecstasy that we feel. Over the coming minutes we stroke each other softly. My hardness starts to diminish, our muscles start to relax. As I shrink and escape your womb, I fall out. Your wetness and mine flood out of you and you can feel it flow across your ass. You are satisfied.

We finally speak. I say “Great cup of coffee, ‘eh?” You smile sweetly. As time goes on (maybe minutes, maybe hours) we talk and learn about each other. We share things we don’t share with our friends because we know we’ve shared something special.

As I leave, we exchange phone numbers and email addresses. We make a tentative date to “grab a cup of coffee sometime”!

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