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Bedtime Story

Bedtime Story

It’s a typical day here. The sky is cloudy and there’s a gentle mist in the air. The trees are dripping from their quenched thirst after an evening of rain. I’m driving to meet you for a brief cup of coffee. We’ve met online and exchanged a few emails. I have no idea what you look like but the sensations we are each looking for has come through in our messages.

You’ve told me the type of car you drive and a rough description of what you look like. We’ve discussed what each of us should wear for this first meeting… You’re in a light summer dress, no bra, no underwear or panty hose. I’m in a soft satin’ish tee shirt and some loose shorts, also with no underwear.

As I enter the parking lot, I see your car and you inside. The anticipation is building and my hard on with the loose shorts is somewhat revealing. I try to adjust myself but it doesn’t do a lot of good. I park and approach your car. You didn’t see me arrive so when you look out your window, all you see is my sleek athletic body. You can’t see my face but your eyes are immediately drawn to my hard cock bulging from my shorts. You know it’s me though cuz no one else would approach you like this.

You slowly roll your window down and turn towards me. You reach out your hand and gently let your fingertips slide up the underside of my cock and then reach down to nestle my balls. You smile and say “good morning”! I squat down so we can see each other eye to eye. As I look in your car, your legs are slightly spread and your right hand is resting on your upper thigh. As I look at your breasts, they are pressing tightly against the soft cotton fabric of your dress. You nipples are hard as rocks and the headlights are definitely turned on. I reach out and touch your cheek affectionately and say “good morning to you too”. We smile and chat for a minute before heading in for coffee.

As you open your door to get out of your car you ensure that your dress hikes high up on your thighs. No one else can see because of the position of the cars. As you swing your left leg out you spread your legs wide. I catch just a glimpse of your shaved pussy. To my surprise, it’s already slightly red and a little swollen. You must have been working on your anticipation too. As you stand, I reach out and gently run my hands up over your thighs, then your ass and up along the side of your ribs and then ever so gently brush your breasts with my fingers. You shudder slightly and take a deep breath. We each straighten ourselves as best we can and go inside to grab a cup of coffee.

We each order and go sit at a window table that is somewhat separate from the rest. We have some privacy inside but we are in view of the parking lot. We do the normal introductions and get to know each other a bit. I remove my sandals and brush my foot against the inside of your calf. You smile and we continue our conversation. My foot slowly creeps up your leg, gently stroking your lower thigh now. Your conversation becomes more fragmented as you try to put words together but also to focus and enjoy the erotic touch.

We talk about how to proceed. We decide to return to my house which is private and discreet. However, my foot has now moved up your thigh. In the process, your legs have spread slightly so there is no resistance. Instead, there is an anxious welcome. My foot is now pushing up under your thighs and sits just under your warm pussy. I can feel its warmth and you can feel the pressure from my foot. You slightly grind yourself on my foot. You throw your head back slightly and close your eyes, but just for a moment. Then I remove my foot and we prepare to leave. Again both of us need to adjust ourselves so as not to be too obvious to passers by.

We arrive at my house. We go to the living room. We get a couple of cups of cool water since it’s a hot and sultry day now. The sun has come out but the air is still moist from the previous night’s rain. I had promised you that I’d read you this story but you also brought along a favorite of yours.

I remove my shirt. My nipples are hard and extended, my erection is pressing against my shorts. You can see it quiver and throb in anticipation as you move to sit on my lap. We’re settled in now, your ass clutching my hard cock through your light dress. You are sitting diagonally resting your shoulder against mine. As I read you this story, I can feel your ass squeezing my hard cock. I can also feel you quiver as you have many small and gentle orgasms.

I struggle to read because of your response to the anticipation. As I continue to read, I reach up with my free hand from around your back and gently cup your left breast. You grind with a little more intensity. Your lean more heavily against me, letting my support your weight and body so you can focus on the sensations you feel and the words you hear. As I gently squeeze your breast, my fingers find your hard and erect nipple. I gently take it between my thumb and index finger and very gently tweak and twist. You respond intensely, your ass squeezes my cock and you have a stronger orgasm. This one was strong enough to allow the moisture to no longer be trapped inside, but instead is now running from your pussy to your ass and starting to soak through your light dress. I can feel the heat from your body and the wetness from your swollen pussy against my hard cock. I squeeze your nipple a little harder. It’s just enough to make you flinch slightly and your ass tightens further and you grind harder. You relax as you have another orgasm, a stronger one this time and the wetness is getting warmer and warmer and wetter and wetter.

The story ends and you collapse into my arms. You’re very relaxed but so very much alive too. I have softened my touch on your breast. Gently circling your hard nipple with my finger. You flinch occasionally as the touching sends waves of pleasure through your body. I set the story down and place my hand on your thigh. Every part of your body is warm and every touch brings a slight twitch as my touch echoes through your nervous system. My hard cock is still pressing against you, not weakening at all. I gently stroke the inside of your thigh. Your legs part slightly to open yourself up to me. You are very relaxed and very aroused. As I stroke your thigh and caress your nipple you continue to grind on my cock. But you’re more relaxed now and the orgasms are more like gentle waves of pleasure that move through your body.

As I stroke your thigh, my hand just slightly brushes the sides of the lips of your swollen pussy. When I do, your hips heave upward and then you fall back on my hard cock. I don’t touch your pussy because one ‒ you’ve not asked me to and two ‒ I want you to keep building anticipation. You reach out with your left hand and begin to stroke the inside of your other thigh. I move my hand lower, closer to your knee, opening up your upper regions for your self pleasure. I continue to caress your breast and stroke your lower thigh and to tantalize your nipple with my other hand.

As you stroke your thigh, you bring your hand to your pussy. You gently toy with your clit. I can feel your pleasure as your ass squeezes my cock. You start to masturbate very softly, mostly focusing on your swollen clit. But occasionally reaching down to slightly insert a finger between the wet lips of your pussy. When you do, your ass tightens and I can feel the surge of pleasure running through my body as I’m now connected to you by the contact of your ass with my hard cock.

Suddenly, you reach down a bit further and lightly caress my balls between your legs with your finger tips. You can feel the power of the thick base of my cock and the tightness of my balls. You squeeze slightly and know that my erection is powerful and not wavering over the time we’ve spent. As you play with my balls and feel the base of my cock, your wrist is pressing against your swollen clit. You respond to the pleasure you feel and you respond to my pleasure too.

We pause for a drink of water…. I ask you what else you brought for me to read. You get off my lap and your knees are weak. You stumble slightly because your knees are still trembling as you reach for your purse. You pull out a paperback book and hand it to me. It’s a book of several short stories. I ask you to sit at the other end of the couch. I want to watch you as I read you the story. You comply with your back against the arm of the couch with your feet toward me, your knees bent and your legs spread. I can see your swollen pussy in full view. It looks so tasty, but I’m committed to watch, not touch.

I start to read, slowly and with a deep voice. As I go through the story, your hands start to move over your body. Your hips rock in rhythm to the movement of your hands. You reach up and pull the spaghetti straps of your dress down and slip your arms out of them. Your hands gently massage your breasts through your dress. You move your hands above the cut-line of your dress and slowly pull the dress down over your breasts and onto your mid-section. Your breasts are now free. Your nipples are hard and you lightly massage your breasts bringing pleasure to your body. I reach out and grab a bottle of massage oil I had brought out. I stop reading for a moment and squirt some oil onto your breasts. The oil is warm and your hands move the small puddle all around your breasts. You smile since I knew what would enhance your pleasure. You now squeeze your breasts hard since the oil now lubricates your movements. You lift them and let your fingers run up to your nipples, squeezing them gently but firmly.

I renew the reading and you put your mind into the story. With one hand you massage your breasts, with the other you gently touch your pussy moving your hips in rhythm. My cock is so hard at this point I feel like I’m going to explode. I reach down and squeeze it, feeling its strength and feel the blood pulsating through it as I watch you pleasure yourself. I insert my hand into my shorts and grab my cock. I can feel the softness and the hardness of it. Also, the small amount of pre-cum gives a slight amount of lubrication. I reach down and feel my balls. Ugh, I want to cum so bad as I watch you. You’re looking at me now too. As the expression of pleasure sits on my face, you respond by becoming more aggressive in your masturbation. You orgasm regularly now, your hand drops with the warm juices from your hot pussy.

I stand and remove my shorts. My hard cock is standing like a fence post. Not bending down, not sagging at all. Instead, it jumps slightly as each beat of my heart sends a new surge of blood to it. I reach out for the oil and apply it to my cock. I remain standing as I watch you and am now masturbating myself slowly and gently. I start to read again. You reach out with your free hand and gently stroke my balls as my hand moves up and down my cock. I spread my legs more to give you better access. As you massage my balls, the frequency and intensity of your masturbation increases.

You look up and see my cock in my hand and my hips plunging with the pleasure I feel. You hips are moving violently now, you are building up to a huge orgasm. Your pleasure excites me and my intensity increases as well. Your breathing is deep and rapid, you’re almost breathless. My breathing too is deep and rapid. It’s hard to read and the book falls from my hands. The intensity is almost too much for each of us to bear now. Suddenly your grip on my balls tightens and your hips rise up off the couch and your back arches. You are beginning a powerful orgasm. You’re no longer breathing at all. All your energy is focused on your hand which is violently rubbing your pussy. Suddenly you exhale with a tremendous moan. Your body flexes rigidly as you enter the orgasm. Your hand clutches your pussy. Your fingers are inside and pressing hard against your G-spot. You finally release and squirt a gushing orgasm that sprays across my couch and leaves your hand drenched.. You collapse in satisfaction; into your own world.

I’m ready to cum! Watching you and experiencing your giant orgasm with you is just too exciting for me to bear. But you reach up and pull my hand away. As my hand slides off my cock, you continue to play with my balls and then reach out and grab a hold of my cock with your other hand. You squeeze me hard and feel how hard I really am. You begin to stroke my cock, allowing your hand to slide off the head with each stroke. You move your hand faster and faster and my intensity builds. As I approach my orgasm, your other hand reaches back and fingers my ass. You insert your finger and press against my prostrate. The intensity is too much! I explode, shooting my hot cum all over your breasts. It seems like a never ending flow. Every stroke brings another shot of hot cum. My knees quiver and I fall forward pressing my throbbing cock against your body. It is lubricated by the oil and all the warm cum that I’ve just expelled.

We are each breathless at this point. Both completely satisfied. We hold each other and start to regain some strength. You ask me to read more of the story. I look at you with an expression that says “how much can you take?” I sit up and continue to read. Now you reach out to grab my cock. You’ve put more oil in your hand and to my surprise I’m suddenly hard as a rock again! We now want to enjoy each other. No more watching, but full participation. The rest is left up to your imagination….

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