A walk in the park  

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11/1/2005 7:10 pm

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A walk in the park

A Walk In The Park

You're walking in the park and it's very dark. . It's cloudy and there's no one around. Someone (me) is walking toward you on the path. As I pass, we lightly brush shoulders. I stop and say "sorry, guess I wasn't watching where I was going". You say "that's okay, needed some contact anyway". I take a couple of steps away and so do you. I turn around and catch up with you. You stop and smile invitingly. We chit-chat for a moment and I reach out and stroke your shoulder. You shudder slightly and get a pleasant smile on your face. I let my hand fall and it brushes the side of your breast. You don't pull away, you move ever so slightly closer. As my hand travels down your side you start to soften. Your lips part, you breath deeper.

I let my hand fall to your ass and you tighten your butt muscles under my touch. I pull you to me with my hand still on your ass. You come easily. As we meet, you feel my hardness under my pants. I gently kiss you and pull you against me. We entwine while pressing hard against each other.

I grab your hand and pull you off the path and into a darkened tree area. I move your hand to my hard cock and reach out to your breasts. We fondle and stroke each other. I raise your skirt with my other hand and discover that you're not wearing any panties. You're so wet! I place my fingers on your clit and stroke you ever so lightly and slowly. You moan with pleasure. I insert two fingers inside you and you immediately cum. You're so wet that it runs down my hand and your legs. Your knees buckle slightly.

You're still holding on to my throbbing cock. You remove my belt, open my pants and pull them down. You drop to your knees and take me in your mouth. I reach down and free your breasts. Your nipples are hard and you're taking me deeply and intensely. I grab your head to feel your intensity. I start to pump your mouth. You take me deeply and your tongue works wonders. You then take my balls in your mouth and suck them - just enough to prevent pain. Then you take me back into your mouth. I'm ready to explode as I fuck your mouth. Then I blast my load deep in your throat. You suck me dry.

You lay in the soft ground with your legs spread. I go down on you and lick your swollen clit. I insert two fingers again and you cum immediately. As I'm working your clit, my fingers move to your ass. I slowly insert one finger into your ass as my tongue is pounding your clit. You moan with excitement and cum again. I increase the intensity until you beg me to stop.

We get up, give a soft kiss and part ways, maybe to never see each other again. We both return to the park the next night and....

Buffy1239 65F

2/9/2006 1:42 am

omg well written and yet so sad also makes me wonder what happened the next night , do you meet again or does she dissapper ???

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