A letter from a Dear Friend  

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4/7/2006 11:45 pm
A letter from a Dear Friend

I thouht this was beautiful and had to share it. I didnt write this it was sent to me by a Friend...enjoy....

As your hands remove my shirt your fingers begin to tease my small brown nipples. My twirling tongue has made your nipples fully erect and very sensitive. Your smooth hands lightly caress my belly which makes me suck harder on your aroused breast. Your not sure but believe you could climax if I continued too long. My hand slides down to begin rubbing your lips. I begin to feel the moisture that is starting to flow. My finger finds your deliciously hard clit and begins to tease it slightly. You
move over to the table and grab the bottle of champagne. Returning to me you place my mouth slightly below your taunt nipple. You tell me not to spill a drop as you begin pouring a little wine over your sensuous breast. As a
little rivulet forms and starts trickling down your already aroused tit I hear a small moan in your breathing. As you stop pouring I begin to lick up where the stream had once flowed lingering here and there. Your hand then guides me to your other throbbing tit and the dance begins anew. You push your nipple deep in my mouth as I lightly nibble at it. My hands are strongly squeezing your creamy ass cheeks. My
finger begins to trace around the rim of your anus. You look down and place my hands at the band of your skirt and press downwards slightly. My hands slide over the silk of your skirt and ease it over your soft thighs passed your delectable knee beyond your kissable ankles. You step out of it and flip it across the room with your foot and begin laughing. You pull me to my feet and your hand grabs my ass as the other one unbuckles my belt. You begin
rubbing my bulging cock and work your way up my zipper. Your hands begin unfastening my pants and then unzips my zipper. You slide my pants off playfully nipping at my pulsing cock as you go by. Your strong hand rubs firmly against my bulging cock as you smile up at me. I return
your smile of desire and you slowly slide my underwear to my ankles releasing my stiff erection. You tease it with your lips as you finally fully remove my shorts. You force me to
the floor and kneel over my yearning mouth your vagina just out of reach. The sweet smell of your hot wet pussy makes me try and kiss it. But you force me back down. You grab
the champagne in one hand and begin to pour it down your cleavage. As it begins to trickle across your tummy your other hand reaches down and your finger spread your pussy lips. The wine is now crossing through your pubic hair
following the contour of your sensuous body. It tickles and excites your clit as the bubbles cross it. The wine begins to drip from your open pussy into my awaiting mouth. All
the bubbles excite and arouse your burning passion on their course to quench my yearning for you. You lower yourself till there is no room between my mouth and your waiting
vagina. I lick up in your flowing wet box drinking deeply of your moisture mixed with the champagne. Your sighs of pleasure are becoming louder and louder. You raise up unwilling to cum quite yet. As I reach up to pull you back
down you smile and playfully slap my hands. You move away a little and place the bottle on the floor. This is the first time I notice you have peeled all the wrapping from the neck. You kneel over it and begin to slowly work it between
your thighs and into your vagina. I lick my lips with desire for you and our passionate eyes meet. The neck of the bottle is in a little and you motion me over to you. You whisper to me that you want me to drink my fill. You place
my hand on the bottle and begin to lay back. As you do I guide the bottle carefully upward. You rock your thighs upwards and the wine begins to flow into your pussy. As you feel the bubbles filling your horny pussy I slowly ease the
bottle out. My hungry mouth closes on your steaming vagina and my tongue begins to lap deep with in your welcoming pussy. As my tongue swivels and goes in and out of your
pulsating cunt your juices mingle with the champagne and the sweetness is beyond description. I continue till there
isn't any wine left only your sweet juices. You push me back with a mischievous smile and you kneel and bend over.Your beautiful ass inches from my quivering lips. You pourthe rest of the wine down the crack of your ass as I spread
it and begin lapping it up from your vagina, between your sweet cheeks my tongue artfully follows your desires. My mouth and tongue caressing your anus arousing its yearnings.
I enter it slightly causing waves of passion to coursethrough your body.

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