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rm_Osakaboy1981 35M
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6/18/2006 4:40 am
Thought of the day.

Mishima had it right I think - beauty is derived from our impending doom. If a flower were immortalized it would be no-longer fresh or rare or intersting. It is the same with a landscape - the view of the sunset from the Jusco near PL tower tonight was beautiful but I don't believe that it would be so if it were the same as the night before. Valleys, mountains, love, hate, pain, and ecstasy are all imperminent and hence their essence is beautiful when burned into our minds. But I do believe he had one thing wrong. He choose death over getting old he chose to die like the other beautiful memories of his life but I think that what is in physical existance is not all that there is love, hate, pain and pleasure are not based only on your body -they live on. Yes physical things wither and die but the experience of pleasure and pain continue. I wonder what his final thoughts were as he and his lover's lives were drained in a fit of ecstatic agony - did he think death was worth all the days he would not feel or express.

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