Women in uniform...  

rm_OreoEyes 35M
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7/15/2006 11:06 am
Women in uniform...

...are very sexy. This coming from someone who is rather passionate about his work - anything he puts his mind to, actually - but I believe it's an accurate observation.

Now, ask yourself, when you read the subject line, what did you think of? Did you think of a sexy blonde in a French maid's outfit, her cleavage just about to spill out of her corset bra? Did you think of a girl with short hair in a little blue sailor's suit? (Hey, wait a minute. Now I'm thinking about that. )

I met a young woman in passing in a store last week who has been on my mind. I only saw her for a minute, maybe less, but I thought she was very, very sexy. Here in the Memphis metro, we have a lot of healthcare-related industries, and many of their employees wear scrubs. This girl was about 5'9", athletic, with shoulder-length brown hair tied back in a ponytail, and dressed in black scrubs. We smiled, exchanged hellos in walking by, and kept going in opposite directions.

Some people, though, you just instinctively want to get to know. You want to know more about them, about what they like to do. That is, if you're curious about people and their lives. Some people you find sexy or attractive even at times they would definitely deny it. But in asking myself why this particular girl made an impression on me, I have to say it was the uniform. Uniforms make people take notice. They're a mark of distinction. And how you wear it can make people respect you, notice you, or simply pass you by.

So, girl in scrubs, I really hope you like where you work. 'Cause you wear your uniform well.

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