Why do women love make-up so much?  

rm_OreoEyes 35M
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5/20/2006 11:58 pm
Why do women love make-up so much?

I was at work today and had the opportunity to help a woman who was very pretty. She was very casually dressed, just an old T-shirt and pants, and she wasn't wearing any make-up. Now, something you should know about me: I come from the school of thought that it is ethically questionable to hit on your customers; you can give them your business card, but you really shouldn't ask them outright for a date. It was taking quite a bit of restraint for me not to do so. I figured she was about 34, brown hair, pretty eyes and face. What stood out about her was that she didn't seem to be wearing much makeup. Maybe a little foundation or low-gloss lipstick, but not much else.

This got me to thinking. I meet a lot of women that wear far too much make-up. They pour on the foundation and put enough powder over it that you could build an artificial beachfront. And I can't think of a single man in my circle of friends that actually likes that. I've dressed in drag before and I have a deep appreciation for concealer, but I never poured on the stuff.

I usually am kind of passive about these things, kind of a "if you're happy, I'm happy," type of thing. But I really feel sad if a woman is so insecure about her laugh lines that she has to hide behind a wall, not a veil, of makeup.

Army girl, whoever you were, you get a salute. After all, Saturday was Armed Forces Day.

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