Sometimes, a small pipe is more trouble than it's worth.  

rm_OreoEyes 34M
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7/12/2006 9:04 am
Sometimes, a small pipe is more trouble than it's worth.

I have to admit that there was a short period of time during adolescence when I was definitely insecure about the size of my, uh, equipment. All guys are. I think it was mostly because I hadn't had a girlfriend that was comfortable or ready to have sex. Men are wired to solve problems, but they don't always reason things out right. I'm not getting laid, thus, there must be something wrong with my dick, 'cause that's what women are attracted to, right? Never mind that a girl probably won't talk to you if she's shy herself or doesn't know that you exist.

I had a very good female friend in high school that taught me a lot about how women feel and think. While women approach relationship and sexual situations with a great deal of emotion, they also may be more practical than men. A man, in an effort to learn and show off a little bit, will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to solve a problem, where a woman will admit she's in over her head and seek out someone more qualified than she. Which brings me to the events of this past week. Sometimes the smallest thing can bring you to your knees and shock you back to reality. A 24-hour virus. A stern glance from your Mistress. A 3/4" water pipe. I'd rather have the Mistress, wouldn't you?

Last week I started putting laminate flooring down in the house. This stuff is not exactly easy work if you've ever thought about doing it, but if you have a circular saw and a good T-square it really isn't so bad. Unless you take your wall baseboards off, only to find that your trim carpenter had driven a nail through your cold water supply line, and you happen to live near a water tower, creating a high-pressure leak when the nail goes POP!

The house was built about 14 years ago, so it's out of warranty. Worse yet, the pipes they installed are difficult to work on because of their tendency to collapse and/or explode. If you have something called polybutylene pipe in your house, make sure that you're very careful in doing any repairs. The practical thing to do is call a plumber, but being a fairly handy individual, I tell myself... nah, I can fix it!

Yes. I'd definitely rather have the Mistress.

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