Please... be discrete.  

rm_OreoEyes 34M
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7/8/2006 10:51 am
Please... be discrete.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I tend to be a bit of a nitpick when it comes to spelling. I don't mind variations in dialect (using the British colour versus the American color) or using shorthand. I believe strongly in the KISS philosophy. After all, I may have a big vocabulary but if I don't use it right, I just come off as a stuck-up asshole, and that doesn't win me any Brownie points, now does it?

I have been trying to determine what someone means when their profile says all responses need to be "discrete." English being what it is, we don't write it phonetically, and until more of us (present company included) find the courage to start recording voice intros, written words are how we introduce ourselves on AdultFriendFinder. So many of our words come from phonetic languages, but their spellings have changed over time.

We thus have two different words - discreet, and discrete - with two boring dictionary meanings. They're both very important to us here at AdultFriendFinder, though. "Discreet" means being modest, respectful, and just conducting oneself well. Being a lady or a gentleman requires the ability to be discreet. Meeting discreetly can mean several things, but it requires that same consideration of others. Not pulling up to your date's house in a sunlight-yellow Porsche. Not raising your voice or acting flashy while out in public. Maybe you don't even know her name. Maybe you're meeting out of town where the chances of running into someone you know are minimal.

When you put "discrete" in your profile properly, you're telling the other person that you want details. You want the other person to contact you and tell you what makes him or her special, unique. You're likely an expressive person in search of an expressive partner. It's a discreet way of asking, "What makes you worth fucking?"

We all have a desire for discretion, even if you just want a one-night stand. But when a prospective new friend or partner responds to my profile, I want to know.

What makes you discrete?

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