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7/24/2005 3:43 pm

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I enjoy grocery shopping and seeing which women will make eye contact and which will not. Sometimes the eye contact is fleeting and superficial. Other times the woman's eyes will linger on mine, and I fantasize that she's thinking about the same thing I'm thinking about. I fantasize that I can distinguish the disinterested from the interested.

Every now and then I encounter a married woman and our mutual eye contact may last only three or four seconds, but it voices a meaningful conversation. "What would it be like to bed you?" we ask each other. Sometimes I fantasize that she's recently left her lover and is stopping by the grocery store on her way home.

Inevitably, their heads turn down to gaze at their feet. But, as they do sometimes I catch a glimpse of an upturned smile. Later I imagine she's wondering if anyone notices that she's still a little turned on, or if she has the scent of recent sex.

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