Sacred Sexuality  

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4/3/2006 11:50 am

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Sacred Sexuality

And, with your face so close to mine
Our surfaces of flesh enshrine
A holy unity.
While through the portal of your eyes,
The sacred light of Paradise
Becomes reality!

And, as you press yourself to me
With drives that promise ecstacy
And breaths that faint and falter,
I lose myself in holy flight!
Delerious, divine delight!
My temple and my alter!

We become the same. A single thing
In wanting and in worshiping.
Our act: Both praise and prayer.
Ah! Sacred sexuality
Fills us! Spills us! Sets us free!
And, Light is everywhere!

The sweat upon your heated brow,
Our moistness, cooling, even now
Between your parted thighs
Bears witness to a while in time ...
Sacred, soulful and sublime
(With wonder and surprise)

When through the door of our delight,
We rose to such a dizzy height,
This single thought impressed us ...
That as we melded soul in soul,
And both became a single whole,
The hand of God caressed us!

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