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4/5/2006 7:58 am

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Erotic Art

Yes, I love to draw and paint people in sexual ecstacy or emoting sensual energy. All types of people ... men and women ... heavy, thin, aging, young ... straight ... gay or whatever. What particular thing really shows where an individual is at sexually? The expression of the face. The eyes! Dilated with interest and desire. The mouth! Pursed, groaning, panting or smiling. The tension in the neck with tendons and vessels strained against the skin! In painting, the blush of blood to the face, throat, shoulders and chest.

AH! How beautiful.

Readers of my blog have already seen samples of my poetry. Not simply "sexy" poems, but insights into the human experiences of lust and passion! Happy moments and sad ones, too. Isn't that all part of it? "Ya gotta give a little ... take a little"?

The painting with today's blog is an illustration of a lady (who shall remain anonymous) at the point of climax through anal penetration. Here, as always,I was particularly concerned with her expression. The mouth open, bearing her teeth. Grimacing, yet joyous as she rides the tingling wave of erotic pleasure at its fullest!

Members have been contacting me for FREE quick pencil sketches of themselves from their favorite erotic photos. It is my joy to comply.

With their permission, future blogs will post thumbnail sketches of their sexuality.

It's gonna be fun!


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