Day 1 - Women are Delightful  

rm_OhioWriter 45M
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8/27/2005 3:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Day 1 - Women are Delightful

Masturbation today: no

Last book read: On the Road, Kerouac

Highlight of the day thus far: (1)Had some really good pretzels, I mean, the kind that would put Rold Gold to shame; (Honorable Mention) Cleaned the bathroom today, and if I may say, I did a d*mn fine job of it

So...My profile is pending. What do they imagine I would put in there, I wonder. I'm a pacifist, so it seems unlikely I would threaten anyone. And I don't work for Amway or Tupperware - I don't have anything to buy or sell.

Nevertheless, it's OK. I shall wait. There are so many interesting women here - and, I imagine, about 1000 times as many men are here, though probably not more than 10 are interesting.

My hope is that later this week I will be able to send out an email or two. I imagine women are deluged with messages here. I suppose they should be - logically, biologically, and so forth. Still I'm hoping what I have to offer will intrigue the right woman.

I'm not Superman, or Buck Naked, for that matter. But I love to be with a woman, I love to satisfy her. I love to feel the pleasure of her body. And, I know at least a dozen jokes and 3 poems. So there's that.

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