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Yes indeed, the rarest find on the face of the Earth. It's rarer than any endangered species - rarer than a liger even. It is that all-wonderful beauty of beauties, the single female willing to join a couple for a threesome.

How does one find this elusive beauty? Are there any out there? Yes there are. But they're in very high demand. For every one available, there are about a thousand needed. Perhaps cloning is the way to go.

We've been lucky enough to have one. We've had the single man too. But that was too easy. All the female has to do is snap her fingers and say, "Are you available?" They always are. But that elusive single female gets to pick her spots. How lucky are they?

We hope to meet another one.

literoticat 51F

7/25/2006 6:01 am

Can I add a couple musings on the subject?
if not, hit delete.
As half of a couple in an open relationship, i can consider myself that single female if i want. Often times though, it's hard enough to have a spark with just one person, to have that attraction with two, well, it's like a haleys comet i guess, it comes once in a while and it's so neat you make a wish on it. My feeling is that the quality pf an encounter comes from comfort in getting to know someone. I'm inundated with people would like to meet and screw sometime saturday evening and it takes me a bit more work to know somoene and feel comfortable. I also dont' feel really attracted to being someones' something little extra or spicing up their weekend. I don't want to be someones porn video. Sounds like a lot of work. I like someone telling me how THEY'd make me happy. I'm a me person. me me me.

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