Ragin' Hardons...indeed  

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8/1/2006 10:24 am
Ragin' Hardons...indeed

The second toy brought has now become a frim favourite with my fiance (whom I will name Sarah.

Sarah, as ever, was unsure about this particular beast 10" long and about 1"-1.1/4" in girth. Nicely ridged along the shaft with a thick meaty head.

I think I was more surprised than Sarah when her pussy realxed and gobbled most of it up!

The ridges really send her into overdrive and if I ply her with it I can feel her pussy clench on it and feel the wy those ridges bump her and rub against her. The toy is very tactile and flexible which helps. nayone buying a dong should take a look at Ragin Hardons they are great. Dont be daunted by the size. Sarah is quite small but had no trouble opening up for it.

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