how U C me how I C U  

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10/26/2005 9:09 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

how U C me how I C U

Like icecubes?
No theres nothing strange going on here
just plain ol autumnbreeze.

There are actually icecubes in my fridge though I never use them. Inheritance from the previous
lodger here. They R kind of cute too. Shaped
like little seals that bounce in the seas around
here though i,ve never seen one in nature.
Happy little seals in happy little drinks,
well nothing wrong with that. But why am I smiling?

This blog thing here is actually kind of refreshing, since it helps to remind some people at least that there is more to being an 'adult friend' than just the physics of it.

And well 'yea- it dunt hastobe de ol fashonedd
romance either' though sometimes question arises,
wouldn't the same purpose be met even with more
pleasure if there were little less steam and
cream around and little more of just appreciation of that natural enchantment that none of us can escape.

I mean how do people C eachother here. Reducing
person to an object of physical, even sensual pleasure is just still lacking the essential
ingredient - I mean isn't that why there is that aura of 'sleaziness' around that kind of thing.

And I'm not moralizing either. Its purely a question of esthetics here.

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