Nuortos secret forest  

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10/25/2005 6:57 pm

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Nuortos secret forest

A traveller, a seeker and the winterwind.
Longing for unattainable, traveling far and
wide to seek it.

Its the Finnish wind, icecold and cuts like a knife. Snow gets in your eyes and wind will never stop. Rest by a campfire to regain strength.
Think back a bit. My life a necklace of sparks,
the campfires.

But behind the eternal winter there hides eternal
summer. Sometimes You can remember. The silent
secret forest, and here you do not raise your

The place where seals of heart are opened,
and you feel joy of regaining something lost, lost
eons ago. And you notice amazed that its here your secret longing has yearned to be always,
as long as you can remember.

And yet you know you cannot stay. You've heard your soul, you've seen your meaning and morning light arising it is like sacred woods would melt into the air,

all dissapear like a dream.

Back in the snow, but now you have knowlege.

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