Fantasy or Fiction  

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4/25/2005 5:25 am

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Fantasy or Fiction

The stories I will most likely write about are not all true. Sorry, they are made up. I am stating this because some of you emailed me about my supposed encounter. My mind can go wild and it's the safest sex I can have without getting into trouble

This morning I woke up thinking about nipples. I love nipples including my own. Luckily I have big enough tits that I can suck my own...yea buddy show me what you can do? and if your cock is long enough to reach your ass, Go Fuck yourself! The last guy I fucked had some awesome big nipples and I had a great time gnawing at them so you can just imagine how tantalizing a woman's tits are to me.

I am just a little bothered by a guy on AdultFriendFinder who keeps stalking me. I don't have much patience and he keeps filling up my inbox with the same shit all the time. I requested that you send me a clear picture of yourself and a little bio. How hard is this? He claims to be a couple..yet no clear pic and, the woman is in none of the pictures. I am the type of person who will look you up and study you before I decide to go out with you. Put it this way, if you don't have the time to get to know me and think that your going to bang this pussy anytime soon, they POOF, be gone. There are so many horny bitches on AdultFriendFinder, go for them and leave me alone. I stated clearly in my profile that I don't want nobody for a one night stand. Get it through your thick head that-that is not me. And for those couples that persist on emailing me about an encounter>>>this Woman is tired of being taken down from the shelf and played with. I was stupid enough to get my heart broken already and I am not going to get burned again. All my life, I have been used and abused. In fact, til this day, my husband {{{seperated}}} carries a business card that I gave him when I met him. It states my name, address and my motto, "USED AND ABUSED BY EVERYONE". I can only tell you that if you knew what I do for a living, you wouldn't be fucking with me. I am a good hearted person who has donated her salary to the poor. I have taken a vow of poverty for the time being so that God will forgive me for all my sins. I have done alot of nasty things in my life but I can't say nothing I am really ashamed of. I work for the homeless and poor. My jobs are secondary to the loves of my life, my daughters and my mother. I have so much love to give and if you can't find it in your heart to accept all of my love unconditionally then don't bother contacting me. For the gentlemen who have emailed me apologizing for my bad experience, I really appreciate the thought and time will heal my infected wound. Please continue to lick it for me!!

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