I finally got a Picture and Videos up.  

BawdyNieceRiper 52M
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5/9/2006 9:13 am
I finally got a Picture and Videos up.

Well I just got my first camcorder yesterday and Had a good time using it, as you can see. I must say I am jelous of all the ladies out there. They can divide thier vids between showcasing their tits, pussy or ass. What do we guys have a bunch of videos with us jacking off. Mine isn't very original but there it is.

Why is it that we must use that interface to upload videos. I would much rather just use my standard webcam program to save the file and then just point Friendfinder to the appropriate file to upload. This way requires me to be online while recording and limits me in location.

That being said, the weather in Cincinnati is getting nice enough to start having some outdoor encounters without running the risk of pneumonia.

So come on ladies, it is time to get back to nature.



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