Telephone dirty talk  

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4/29/2006 2:59 am

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Telephone dirty talk

Back to KO. I used to love talking dirty with her on the phone. At first it was pretty tame stuff, you know, the usual, about how much we liked each other, couldn't wait to meet etc. etc. But for me, even just hearing her voice was a turn on, it was so sexy. So I decided to push the envelope a little more. I asked her, 'What colour pants are you wearing?', and she answered that they were black. She knew I loved black on her! I asked her, 'Do you know what I'm doing right?', and she answered that she had no idea. So I said I was wanking myself, and I could literally hear the silence over the phone, she must have been holding her breath, 'Really? Your wanking yourself now?'.

I replied that I was, and she said that it made her more horny. 'I want that cock in my mouth right now', she said softly, which made it even harder, I was going to cum really quick. I told her to finger herself, which she said she was doing already. 'I want you to lick my arsehole again', she whispered, and I said I would do anything she asked me to do. She also again told me that fucking me was far more exciting than doing it with her husband.

KO had quite a vocabulary when it came to talking dirty. I often wondered where she picked those words up. Maybe I wasn't her first fling? Mabye she had fucked other teachers when she was studying English? I really don't know, wasn't important then and certainly isn't important now. I remember she used to love talking about having me fuck her from behind, and she always wanted to talk about it in small detail.

She also used to like hearing what I would like her to wear when we could meet. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that she wasn't incredidly physically beautiful, but she knew that I found her attractive, so she was prepared to work at it for me. One day we talked about her in a stocking body suit, which was only a fantasy for me, but she must have gone out and bought one, as soon after that we met, and when we arrived at the hotel, I undressed her and that was what she was wearing underneath!

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