Playing with food  

rm_NiceOzzie 51M
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5/2/2006 9:34 am
Playing with food

With KO, she asked me to do her with a banana once. I was initially surprised, but as the thought of it turned me on, I agreed readily. We entered the hotel, somewhere in Ikebukuro and started the usual foreplay. She liked to shower together and we got each other really clean, no spot of dirt remained.

We jumped on the bed, my tongue doing its usual business, her legs wrapped around my head, refusing to let me go until she allowed it. It makes me very horny when girls do this, probably shows us guys who has the real power in bed? I got her really warmed up and then she decided it was time for her banana fuck. She got it out of her handbag and peeled it, asking me how much I wanted to fuck her with it. I didn't need to answer, she knew I really wanted to do it.

She got on her hands and knees, I spread her lips open and fed the banana into her cunt, every so slowly as I didn't really know what to expect. It went it, I thrust it back and forth, slowly getting a better feel for it as time went on. It was a pretty big banana and she took all of it in. And she was getting her rocks off, she was enjoying it. I started kissing her butt, and sent one hand around to play with her tits, by this time the banana was starting to move in and out a little faster.

'Go faster, I'm about to cum', she ordered, so I started sending it in much faster, but the banana was getting quite soggy making me worry a little. She cum with an explosive, 'OOOooohhh', putting her finger into her cunt just to help me drive her climax a little more.

KO said she liked it a lot and would like to banana fuck again, but at the beginning it was pretty cold which took some getting used to.

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