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3/21/2006 4:42 am

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Back to that 69 ...

So there I manage to get her skirt pants off (she was wearing light blue pants and bra, which I thought didn't suit her at all), and put my tongue to work, while she went to work on my cock and balls. She was an absolute magician at giving head, neither before or since have I had the same.

Nor have I ever heard a girl say, 'This tastes so good' either as she drank my cum, and I mean all of it, every last drop! I think I must have exploded right into her mouth, it was such a feeling. When I had just been friends with her, she never struck me as the kind of person who would great right into sex, but then I guess appearances can be deceiving, can't they? I'm still a teacher after all these years, and I wonder how many of many students (they are all adults by the way, so don't worry!) should I have tried to get (kind of disturbing thought though as it seems a great miuse of trust, but I do like my sex, and so many of these students are absolutely gorgeous).

Anyway, I was tonguing her out, and she had such a nice pussy. She wrapped her legs around my head and kept massaging my balls as I licked her out until she came. We had a short rest, but I was so excited, I was ready to go after a short break (of course much kissing and fondling, actually I think she rarely took her hands off my balls, massaged them beautifully she did).

But that fuck can wait till my next post, much watch 'Unfair' soon with Ryoko Shinohara.

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