Another earlier fuck in my life  

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4/15/2006 2:49 am

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Another earlier fuck in my life

I thought I'd write about one of my earlier girlfriends today, as I have been thinking about her recently as well. I'll call this one RS and she was a pretty good fuck too, she knew how to make me horny. She was a little overweight, but she carried it really well as she was quite tall for a Japanese girl. RS had one of the best set of tits I've seen personally.

She was my student, and she asked me out to dinner one night, which I accepted happily! We ate Thai and had quite a good time. Luckily we lived near each other, and so headed that way, her house closer to Kichijoji than mine. It was a nice night, and I was wondering if I should make a move as I was confident that she liked me.

Anyway, I realised that we had walked past her house and were heading towards mine, so I said, 'Didn't we pass your house?'. With that she jumped me, gave me a huge hug and started kissing me wildly. She pushed me into the shadows of some building and went at it hammer and tongs. I had to push her away as I was struggling for air!! But she smelled great, pity I never asked what kind of perfume she wore. We kept kissing and hugging on the street for about ten minutes before deciding to go to a nearby Love hotel.

Once inside, I had never seen a girl get out of her clothes so quick, she was pretty amazing. And she was another girl that loved to give good head. She got straight into her, her mouth was silky smooth and she worked her around, putting her pussy up onto my face, wanting me to lick her out, she was already extremely wet! And this was on the floor, we didn't bother to get on the bed (looking back, I wonder why we didn't).

This girl was different to KO in that she wouldn't swallow, which was no problem, but watching a girl swallow always provides some extra excitement. Plus her hands were relaxed during the entire exercise, she didn't put them to any other 'uses' such as ball massage while she was giving head. Whereas I love putting my hands to use while licking a girl out. My hands can be used for massaging various parts of her body, fondling her tits or helping my tongue bringing her to orgasm.

Anyway, off to dinner, later all

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