Ka? Ka-tet?  

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10/31/2005 5:01 am

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Ka? Ka-tet?

What started out a couple of months ago as an entertaining diversion from the boredom of my day-to-day routine has become, I think, an addiction. I’ve been hooked on Stephen King books these past two months, and have enjoyed several… it’s amazing how much you can read when there’s nothing much to do on an 8-hour shift in the middle of the night. Someone dear had recommended “Gunslinger” and “Dark Tower” and I put it on my path of books to read, but took a detour on “Hearts of Atlantis” when I couldn’t find either of those books in my local library. I finished “Hearts” on a Saturday night shift, and since the library isn’t open on Sundays, and me being in desperate need of a Stephen King fix, I went to the mall in search of something quick that I could read until the next day when I could check the library again for those other two. I ended up at a place called Half-Price Books instead of the B.Dalton I had intended to visit, and there I discovered that “Gunslinger” is only one of seven books in a series called “The Dark Tower”… well, being the Stephen King junkie that I have become, I got all six of them… (and all of the “Castle Rock” ones as well… at half-price, how could I resist?)

Anyway (I hate it when that train of thought jumps the tracks like that), until just recently, these books, the ones before I started the Dark Tower series, have served the desired purpose quite nicely; entertainment to escape the boredom of my day-to-day routine. I recognized right away that there was something very different about the Dark Tower series after only a few chapters of the “Gunslinger”… this was more than just entertainment. That nagging feeling, as yet to be defined, kept trying to get my attention well into “The Drawing of the Three” and by the time I finished “The Waste Lands” a lot of things started making sense. In some weird and inexplicable way, it seems that I’m reading my own life’s story; that without intending to, I’ve found myself on my own quest to find the Dark Tower--the meaning of life--the meaning of my life.

The dreams I’ve been having since starting this series have been incredibly vivid. All my senses seem to work just as fine while I’m asleep as they do when I’m awake. I see color and hear distinct voices and other sounds; I feel textures, taste flavors, and even smell things… like roses… pink roses. And the experiences I have in these dreams are remembered exactly when I awake. Experiences that have never happened to me, yet somehow the waking recollections tell me that these experiences will happen in some way in the near future.

One dream, in particular, though only a brief dream sequence mixed in with a regular dream, is a recurring sequence that appears in all my dreams, lately. I start dreaming of one thing, then all of a sudden, I get some sense that I’m being watched from afar--studied, maybe--and that person isn’t yet willing or able to help me bridge the gap between us. Twice since these sequences have started showing up unannounced, I found myself compelled to log in here upon waking, and have seen signs of her where I wasn’t expecting to see any hint of her at all. And then I start thinking about “The Dark Tower” series: of all the other books I could be reading now--for entertainment to escape the boredom of my day-to-day routine, why these? Why now? And then I start wondering if she’s also reading them, or re-reading them since she's the one who recommended them, and I find myself remembering the face of my father (so to speak) and asking my inner being, is this ka? Are we part of some ka-tet? And how much farther to my dark tower…

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