Stuffing Tools and Valuables in My Mouth  

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7/29/2005 6:14 pm

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Stuffing Tools and Valuables in My Mouth

I went to the Dentist today. I had a chipped tooth in need of a fix. Number 8, I think (whatever that means). The dentist was great, and his assistant was beautiful under that mask, at least in my fantasy. As they looked at my tooth, the dentist said he would cap the chipped incisor with gold.

Oh My God...I had a sudden vision of a flash of gold springing forth every time I would smile. To me, gold teeth are a disgusting bit of show for ugly people who want you to think they are beautiful. My fantasy of the dental assistant was ruined as I imagined her smiling at me with gold and silver caps glistening under the lights of the dental chair.

My dear dentist saw the look of revulsion on my face and asked, "What's the matter? Don't you want a little bling in your mouth?" He then informed me that he was just kidding. He would never cap anyone's tooth like that.

So where do people get that done? Mexico?

The weird part about going to the dentist is that I like the feeling of being numb (except when it itches). Is this normal? My lips feels thick like rubber. Another strange part about all this is allowing some guy to stick a power tool in my mouth. I can still smell the burning enamel. It reminds me of an electrical fire.'s how my fantasy ends today. The beautiful assistant removes her mask to reveal twisted and gold encrusted teeth, grabs my own special tool, injects it with novocain, and sucks me off. She then rinses her mouth, shoves that sucking tool in her mouth, and spits into the little receptical mounted on my chair. then she tells me that "this service is not covered under your insurance plan! Pay up at the front desk, please."

Maybe I should do my own dental work.

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