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8/3/2005 6:46 pm

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Dont Look Ethel

Streak....or stroll

If you're reading this, you probably remember Ray Steven's Song "The Streak"

I was watching the news yesterday and it occurred to me that the art of streaking has pretty much died. The story was about an art show where the theme was Nudes. If you showed up in the buff, birthday suit, naked as a jaybird (whatever that means) you were allowed to enter without charge. Over 300 souls arrived at the exhibit butt naked.

Remember when streakers ran as fast as they could so that (1) they didn't get caught and (2) they didn't get recognized?

I streaked once. I lost a bet that I was sure I would win, and the wager was to streak out to get the mail from the house. The rule was that I couldn't get my mail unless I ran naked to the mailbox. Everyone waited for me to do it...but I was chicken. My biggest reason for not doing it right away: I have nosy neighbors. So I waited for a few days...trying to get the courage up.

Then I came up with a plan. Go at night...after a couple of drinks. So I decided to run at 2 in the morning. Everyone came over for a party to make sure it was an official streak. I guess if no one sees you streak, it isn't streaking. No one said I could wear a ski I did.

So I made my run for it. It was quite a jog to my mailbox because I had a long driveway and the mailbox was across the street. I made it there in a flash. However, I ran into a little problem. The box was full! (I hadn't checked it for a couple of days.) Another rule was that I had to bring it all in. I had no pockets...and apparently all my friends(?) had sent me tons of mail (the same ones who made the rules). I gathered what I could and ran to the house, threw it inside, and made a mad dash for the rest.

That's when the trouble started. My nosy but cute neighbor came home. Here I was grabbing the mail out of my box, wearing my ski mask...and caught under the glare of her headlights. What could I do? I grabbed up the rest of my mail, quickly looked in a couple of other boxes to make it look like I was a nude thief. and then ran. But not back to my house...that would be too obvious. So I ran down the corner. I heard her yell, "Tom*, Is that you?"

I made for the alley...hurdled the fence, and ran to the back door...which was locked. After laughing at me for a few minutes, my friends finally let me in.

I'm just glad it wasn't snowing out!

greeneyesatl05 I figured it out Expatbrit49

*name changed to protect the guilty party

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8/5/2005 3:26 am

LOL... but it was tooo late! HA HA. You know with friends like those...

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