Dieting and Semen  

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9/4/2005 3:47 pm

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Dieting and Semen

How much semen is in a man's ejaculate?

One teaspoonful. Although there are enormous variations [between individuals and between times]...

How fast does ejaculate travel?
28 miles per hour (45 km/hr)

"To bed! Aye, Sweetheart; and I'll come to thee," vowed Malvolio in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and his promis did not exaggerate. Ejaculate may not be as fast as a speeding bullet, but the reletively high speed of the initial spurts demonstrates the force behind them. Once the ejaculate enters the female vagina, however, the speed is abruptly and sharply reduced to a comparative crawl of 1-3 cm per hour.

How many calories are in one ejaculation? Five

This is good news for devotees of oral sex and great news for dieters. It is just about impossible to gain weight swallowing a man's ejaculate even though it is rich in protien. Many like the taste; others find it unpleasant. But, like it or not, "I'm on a diet" is no excuse for omitting ejaculate from one's menu.

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9/4/2005 4:24 pm

Are inner-vaginal speed bumps what really slow the stuff down?[We know that's what gets it there in the first place]

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