The Evil Teen Queens Have Returned  

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9/10/2005 4:59 am

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The Evil Teen Queens Have Returned

I have mentioned that I have two teenaged girls that are in my life. My best friend John's daughter, Lissy who is 15 and my daughter Beth who is 14. Let me state that I love both girls very much but they drive everyone around them crazy!!

Well last week both Evil Queens reared their heads on the same day. My best friend called me and told me that Lissy was refusing to go to school. Lissy said she was sick. My Evil Queen said the samething. Sick? Yeah sure, like I am going to believe that!!! I got to wondering if the reason for this sickness was the same thing. My best friend put his daughter on the phone so I could talk some sense into her. Both girls were very emotional: crying and yelling. It took me five minutes to get Lissy to stop crying and yelling that her dad just "Didn't Understand!" During the phone conversation I had to calm down my daughter too, about the same time they both came clean. They were both on their periods. They didn't want to go to school because of it.

Let me tell you the problem with girls, periods and schools.

The schools don't allow students to carry purses or backpacks. Students can carry backpacks and purses to the school and home. That's it! The school searches thru their backpacks and purses upon entering the school. Then the school requires students to keep their backpacks and purses in their lockers not allowing students to carry backpacks or purses into the classrooms or between classes. The reason for the rule? School Shootings! I do know it's a good rule and yet it leaves young women in a quandry. How are they to carry the needed period supplies, let alone have the opportunity to use said supplies? During the purse/backpack search last year the security guard opened my daughters carrying box in front of two boys. My daughter wanted to die.

Well as it turned out we both gave into the Evil Queens and let them stay home. I do understand their dilema and since both girls get very good grades, missing one day wasn't such a big deal. I went and picked up Lissy for the day and the two Evil Queens spent most of their day in Beth's room only to come out to eat Brownies and take Motrin.

All was right with the world again!!!

xx_44DD_xx 51F

9/11/2005 6:37 am

My god daughters (twins) had the same problem in an inner city school. What they ended up doing was..... their mom brought tampax to the nurses office. So, anytime they needed one? They just went to the nurse.

Win-win situation.

rm_CookieLips2 61M

9/11/2005 2:05 pm

Another sad day in school brought on by an even sadder situation. It's a shame..............

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