Teenagers and Lovers  

rm_Network_Minx 47F
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8/11/2005 10:14 pm

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Teenagers and Lovers

I was recently asked why I haven't had a lover live with me. Well, the answer is simple and yet complicated. One of the reasons is I couldn't subject any man who likes me to live with my 14 yr old daughter. I have mentioned in several posts that I refer to her as the "Evil Queen." She answers to that name. I must explain why she is the Evil Queen. She knows what she is about, she knows what she wants and she will let nothing stop her from her ultimate goal...Ruling the World. At this time she is in training for her future position. Her family is the one she practices on; me, her brother, her aunts, uncles and grandparents all bow to her awesome powers of persuasion (emotional blackmail, tempera and mood swings) No-one in the family can keep up with her. She runs rings around her brother and his friends. It doesn't matter where anyone takes her they always up buying her something. Even my best friend who came with us to pick up a prescription ended up buying black finger nail polish for the Evil Queen. This happens with all of us. It doesn't matter if the person is senile or not they eventually give in to her since she has a stubborn streak longer than the Grand Canyon. I couldn't subject a man to that.

**My lover and my daughter will meet for the first time on Sunday. She is returning from her summer kingdom, my parents house to continue her education and training. He is planning a nice dinner for her return. I am waiting with bated breath to find out what will happen. I will have to let all of you know how it went.

AtomicKisss 58M

8/12/2005 12:38 am

So the tail wags the dog and you are going to let things stay that way... The other option is to set some healthy boundaries with the Evil Queen, stick to them, and re-establish control (it will get very ugly for a while but that's the price you pay when you wait to long to regain control).

Speaking from experience, I went through a similar experience when I met my wife- she had a 14 year old "Renegade." The Renegade was on drugs (including hard drugs), she had just dropped out of school, she was sleeping around, and... Systematically, boundaries, limits, and consequences were set (Rome was not built in one day). Long story short, she got her act together; she is now married, a mother, a homeowner, and a productive member of society.

Nonetheless, good luck with your date and I hope the Evil Queen does not try to compete for attention.

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

8/12/2005 4:52 am

Hmmm best of luck to you. My Daughter #2 has finally realized that black nail, blue/black & red hair and extreme goth makeup doesn't go over well in small towns ... mostly L.A. and N.Y.C. (She's a senior this year but is really maturing, there's hope yet!)

Best of luck to you all, and make a post on how it all goes, ok?

(hugs you)


lifeisablast333 53M

8/12/2005 1:23 pm

Wow, we feel for ya, we have 2 teen girls at home, only 11 months apart, and it is a constant struggle of power, and to see who can obtain the coolest stuff, no one says hi, it's dad i need money. i'm a smart ass, so one day the youngest of the 2 asks for money, i put my hand in my front pocket and pull out some change, ran a finger threw it and said o-k how much do you need. she said dad is that all you have, (hell i've played poker before) so i say sure doll, how much do you need, and she replies, thats o-k dad, in good.....wow dad found a trick, i have used it several times now....sure hope the magic holds out.....i have my fingers crossed and fresh change waiting...LOL

rm_Network_Minx 47F
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8/13/2005 2:24 am

I will let all of you know what happens tomorrow. I am curious to see how they do together.

rm_CookieLips2 61M

8/22/2005 8:28 am

Minx....She's 14 and running the house? That didn't just happen yesterday. Evidently it has been going on for some time and only you have the power to change it for her. I seem to get the impression that the Queen may just be a bit spoiled but who am I to sa? I may sound a bit harsh here but I personally would not cater to a 14 year old just so that whe would like me. Maybe when I was younger, you know, like 14 too, but not at my age!

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