Nine Days and 43 Years Part VIII  

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Nine Days and 43 Years Part VIII

Bill and Maggie’s Wedding

After the paperwork was complete and filed they were told to go into the courtroom where they were to wait until the judge arrived and court was in session in an hour. The clerk informed them that they may have to wait for a while before the judge could marry them because there were several cases on the docket. The court clerk informed Bill and Maggie that court was set to start in half an hour and that they could wait in the courtroom down the hall.
While Bill and Maggie were waiting the court clerk and three other women came into the courtroom carrying flowers and some other objects. The clerk and office workers had gotten together to make Maggie a bouquet for her to hold and they placed several other bouquets on the chairs. The three women asked Bill and Maggie if it was alright if they attended the wedding and act as witnesses. Maggie was very touched that complete strangers would make an effort to make it special for her and Bill.

The bailiff called the court to order and had everyone rise for the judge’s entrance. To this day my parent’s talk about the surprise of seeing the judge walk into the courtroom. In walked a woman dressed in a judges black robe. She was the judge. She was one of only two women judges in the country. Now remember this was the early sixties before the sexual revolution so it was a very rare thing to see a female judge.

The judge sat down at her bench and looked at the docket. She called the names of two men sitting by a sheriff’s deputy. She asked the deputy if they were the one’s who were being charged with assault and disorderly conduct. The deputy said yes, these were the cowboys who had torn up the Hide-A-Way bar Saturday evening. The judge looked at the two hung over, beat up cowboys and said that she would get to them in a minute she was going to marry this nice couple first.

The judge called Bill and Maggie forward. The judge then conducted the ceremony, after the vows were complete she said, “By the power vested in me by the State of Wyoming, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss your bride.” When Bill and Maggie kissed for the first time as man and wife all of the occupants of the courtroom let out a cheer and the judge smiled, even the hung over cowboys gave a little yell. The judge then wished Bill and Maggie luck on their life together.

Well Bill and Maggie have had luck in their life together. They have also had some bad times too. Just like many marriages they have had some very good times and some very hard times. To this day my parents still love, respect and like each other. BTW they left this morning for a week long trip to a professional convention. My mother let me know that she had bought a new sexy nightgown to wear for my dad in the hotel and he may not have enough energy to attend all of the meetings he is planning on attending.

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Good, cohesive, well thought out and organized. Your parents should be as proud of you as you obviously are of them. Later.


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