Nine Days and 43 Years Part IV  

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9/18/2005 7:10 am

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Nine Days and 43 Years Part IV

The Question

Maggie knew their time was running short so did Bill. Neither wanted the evening to end but both knew it was going to be over soon. Bill knew he had to do something. His feelings were overflowing for this woman. He had to tell her how he felt. He might never get the chance and life was about taking chances.

“Maggie, I love you. I can’t believe it happened so fast but I know it’s true. I have never felt this way before. I don’t want it to end. Will you marry me?”

Maggie was surprised and shocked that he felt this way for her so fast. She knew he was perfect for her but what should she do? She answered with the only answer her soul would allow her to give.

“Yes! I will marry you!”

“You will?”

“Yes. Now I have to go in. I will see you tomorrow.”

Maggie kissed Bill again. She then left his arms and went inside.
Bill stood outside for thirty minutes not wanting to leave the place Maggie had been. He was in a dream world. He was engaged. Maggie had said yes. He couldn't believe it. Finally he went home knowing he wouldn't sleep all night. He would stay up and watch the minutes fly by until he could see her in the morning.

rm_Network_Minx 47F
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9/18/2005 7:13 am

This is true. My father asked my mother to marry him the first night they met. My mother accepted.

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

9/18/2005 7:22 am

(reaches for a Kleenex)

This truly renews my hope in the fact that love is out there.


TheNextKid 33M

9/18/2005 9:29 am

moo poo shoo foo who? Out of wedlock? Would you like a 3 cm long 1 cm wide spring roll with that?

jim5131 55M
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9/18/2005 11:35 am

???trying to decipher NextKid's comment??

Neat story, can't stop're on a real-life love story roll and we're not going to stop reading...

lifeisablast333 53M

9/18/2005 8:33 pm

hey, jim5131 is right.....the redneck

kyplowboy2 61M

9/19/2005 2:59 pm

keep it goin, kid, we're all watching.


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9/19/2005 10:03 pm

Just beautiful... please tell us hear the story..just touches my heart.

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