Molestation II  

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Molestation II

After I graduated college, my first job was working for the State's Pardon & Parole Board. Being the computer networker I would attend some of the Parole hearings so I could assist with any technical problems that might occur with our equipment.

The Parole Board would regularly hold their monthly hearings at the prison that contained the sexual offenders. All sexual offenders are kept in a separate prison away from the general prison population because they become victims of the most terrible abuse from the general prison population. Many hard-core fellons i.e. bank robbers and murderers will not tollerate a sexual offender among them. The hard-core fellons will torture and murder sexual offenders, so for their protection they are housed in a separate prison. I don't have a problem with sexual offenders being , tortured and beaten to death but this is a safeguard for the regular prisoners too. If a prisoner committs a felony crime while in prison the penalty is twice what it would be for a regular sentence.

During a Parole Hearing the Board will ask the prisoner about the crime for which they are serving their sentence.

Sexual Offenders fall into 2 categories.
1. Denial. They will not admit they have committed a crime. They will say it was a misunderstanding or that they weren't present. Any lie to deny the crime occured.
2. TMI- Too Much Information- The Offender will relate every detail of the crime, even details that aren't part of the court record. These individuals relive the thrill of the crime by relating it to others. Many become arroused during the telling. They don't deny their crimes, in fact they pretty much admit they will commit these crimes again if they are released.

Prison statistics have shown that the Sexual Offenders will re-offend. Statistics also reveal that many are in prison for 1 out of 6 of the crimes they have committed. They cannot be rehabilitated and released into public. Many Parole boards deny parole to these offenders in the effort to keep them behind bars as long as possible. Prison terms for crimes are decided by a State's legislature. Many Drug related crimes have twice the prison sentence than any sex related crime. A person will go to prison much longer for carrying a kilo of a controlled substance than molesting a twelve year old.

One very interesting fact: Crimes of Passion are the least likely crimes to be committed twice. Persons who commit these murderers or assults with a deadly weapon make the best prisoners and parolees. Their repeat offender record for any crime including a misdemeanor is less then one-half of one percent.

Oklahoma incarcerates more people Per Capita than any other state in the union.


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the fact that oklahoma incarcerates more people per capita is very true, it has even been on the history channel ( wish i could remember the title of that show) even in our county jails the molesters must be kept seperate from other inmates. a few years ago in my home county, a molester sued, and won a very large settlement because the county failed to protect him, and the men who were jailed took upon themselves to teach the molester a leason where charged with several more felonies as a result. i do not know what the answer is, but i am sure that the way we handle molesters now, is not working, in a way that protects our young people. thanks the Redneck.

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I worked for the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board for two years. In that length of time I learned some more interesting facts about our prison system. Oklahoma credits each prisoner in the system 1-4 days. In other words if you are sentenced to 2 years in prison each day you are in prison counts for four days so in fact you are in prison 182 days. Texas and many other states are currently on a 1-5 ratio. This is due to the over crowding of the prison population.

Oklahoma is the only state where the govenor has direct control over the parole system. After the board has met and made the recommendations the file goes to the govenor and he has the final say.


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