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9/23/2005 3:19 pm

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We interrupt this story.......................

An interesting comment on the tale I recounted yesterday. Interesting to me for the most part because of what it revealed about the respondents own mix of beliefs. We do tend to see things through a filter, a filter that has been encoded by the various mechanisms of the culture in which you have grown. It has also been shown that whatever is most taboo, whatever has the strongest emotional response for you, is generally that thing that lies deepest within your own unconscious.

In Gestalt therapy we would say that you have introjected a certain belief system and now must disown that part of yourself that is not in accord with those beliefs. The process by which this happens is known as projection, especially when we respond emotionally to what could be considered ambiguous evidence. The recovering alcoholic for instance who accuses everyone who drinks of being an alcoholic is simply(or not so simply) projecting his or her own struggle onto the outside world, yet they see themselves as being “right’ in their assumptions and can act with an almost religious zeal. This is a type of behavior, I feel I must point out, that has caused countless horrifying deaths throughout the ages at the hands of those who “knew” they were “right”.

Likewise if somebody sees “pedophilia” or “child abuse” inherent in the activities of two consenting adults I have to wonder how deeply those feelings run, is it a visceral response housed in the emotion of disgust? Or is it a cognitive response based on current events? If the former then there is a fair to middling chance that within the unconscious world of the respondent there lies a nub of desire for exactly that sort of activity. The repression of the desire to be “used” or to be “dominant” is the source of many of our emotional ills. Repression of our sexuality in general has been shown by the work of Wilhelm Reich and others to be one of the root causes of misery in Western Civilization.

If it is a strictly cognitive response then I have to wonder how well familiar are the respondents to cultural variations in regards to every aspect of sexuality. Age of consent laws vary widely throughout the world and throughout the United States ranging in age from 10 in some countries to 18 in others. Indeed cultural variations in marriage, child rearing and extra-marital affairs are mind bogglingly diverse. In point of fact in many cultures in the world every single individual who visits this site, much less tries to carry through with sexual activity, would be deemed a deviant at best and a criminal to be put to death at worst.

To clarify my preceding tale, this was not a fantasy but an account of my second or third (I forget which) session with my erstwhile sub. For the record she is in her mid twenties, petite and gets a big thrill out of age-play and religious scenarios. To judge her passion is not anybody’s prerogative. Just as it is not my prerogative to pass judgment on anyone else for their unique kinks. The old adage applies in sex (and probably should in war as well) “Do unto others....” or in the more pagan tradition, “And it harm none, do what thou wilt”.

funopencouple707 45M/45F

9/23/2005 8:26 pm

oh alright, let's see then... If someone is disgusted by pedophiles, then they really want to be one? And beyond that pedophilia is legal in third world countries... And lastly, don't judge people?
Please. Typical, in every way. I should have expected nothing different.

rm_NeonShadows 48M

9/23/2005 11:48 pm

In answer to your first question, no.
In answer to your second no. The definitions change in every country and your use of the refernce to "Third World" belies a rascist undertone.
In answer to your third question, yes. Unless you have individual attained the heights of pure wisdom, keep your judgements to yourself, you are very likely in error.
As for your final statment, I have to agree. You are typical in every way of the closed minded and fear bound individuals who cling together in a fragile world of their own making. You have leaped to a conclusion that is incorrect. You can continue to feel your righteous indignation, and still be in error. Or you can realize that you might missed something, that the relationship in the tale was one outside of your personal experience.

Ghandi pointed out that we would all be a lot better off if we just learned to use the word "maybe" a little more often. In other words you, and I, are both fallible. Perhaps my literary ability wasn't up to snuff, and I didn't convey an accurate representation of the events. Or you could be just plain wrong.


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