The Dawn of a New Day  

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9/8/2005 3:44 pm

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The Dawn of a New Day

The Hopi have a legend, a prophecy really, abou the Blue Star Kachina. When the Kachina starts dancing this world must pass away. The new world, the new age, will be the age of flowers and will be ushered in by the united forces of the worlds Rainbow Warriors. Women and men from every race and culture who will stand together to give birth to the world that should have been, the life that we all should have had.

The Hopi, and their prophecy, corresponds to many other cultures version of an impending apocalypse. I, and many of my friends and acquaintances, have lived our lives with a certain sense of discomfort. The society in which we have been raised presents a pretty face and the possibility of relative ease, yet there is ugliness beneath it all. Over time most of us have awakened to the hypocricy, the destruction and the outright evil of our major cultural institutions.

We gripe about politics and religion, complain about the destruction of the earth and the impending world of darkness that the priveledged classes are hell-bent on creating. Yet we can do little to stop them, being awake and informed is not the same as being empowered. So, in frustration, we focus on the here and now, and slowly but surely examine the beliefs and "values" that have been spoon-fed to us since birth.

In that examination there are conundrums. When we try to peer beneath the layer of beleifs that our culture has provided us, beleifs about marraige, sex, food, work, play, pleasure, pain...everything and ask ourselves "Is this the best way to be happy?" "Is this the Good Life?", we find that the rules we live by often seem designed only to produce misery.

The task then lies with each of us to examine what we really need in order to thrive. What would the "Natural" person, unindoctrinated in capitalism or communism, or any "ism" for that matter, what would that person need on a daily basis in order to live in bliss and grow to their full potential?

For me the answers are still coming. Based on an understanding of the work of Abraham Maslow and other psychologists and a careful (and ongoing) study of the worlds aboriginal and hunter-gatherer cultures I am coming up with a few ideas.

The first area is the realization that our taboos and injunctions against pleasure, and particularly erotic pleasure, presuppose an ownership of another persons sexuality. We don't want our spouse "cheating" on us, we feel betrayed or threatened when our daughters are having sex at the biologically perfect (though culturally inappropriate) time. Any exploration of our erotic natures is frowned upon or stictly forbidden by our culture. Yet we do it just the same. Why?

Could it be that our cultures, our very civilizations, are themselves unnatural and designed to hold us down, to control us, to maiuntain the advantage of the few at the expense of the many? Could it be that if we shifted our attention away from making money for it's own sake and instead bound together in small groups intent on creating a, relatively speaking, micro-culture that embodies eroticism we may be in truth engaging in a radical and revolutionary act? Could we change the world in this way?

bcvegas4u2 69M
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9/8/2005 11:43 pm

Interesting thinking. The problem I see is that any time you form a group, any type of group, you have people that want POWER. Also, until the 'need' for monetary gratification can be changed to a desire to do things for personal satifaction, our values will be at cross-purposes.

rm_NeonShadows 48M

9/9/2005 3:08 pm

Power is a concept that derives from the base metaphor of us/them, up/down etc. The power dynamics CAN be managed in smaller goup settings through a number of emotionally engaging tasks. I am thinking specifically of the Jigsaw Classroom experiments and the work of Kurt Lewin in the 1950's and 60's with, what became, "sensitivity training". But, in short, there are examples of successful co-operative ventures around the world in which 20-30 live and fulfill each others needs while at the same time exploiting the chinks in a capitalist economies armor. You can find some examples through "Yes" magazine and other sources on the web under "sustainable community", "Co-operative live/work" etc. I'm afraid that a full explanation of how to deal with the reality of power dynamics in a small group setting would be excessive in length, trust me though when I say that that has been my primary focus in research as a psychologist and it IS possible to create what I so vaguely describe. People can shed their "civilized" armor and blossom for the effort.

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