Nasty, nasty, nasty girl.  

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9/22/2005 11:14 am

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Nasty, nasty, nasty girl.

It was a cold and gray day. The rain fell from the dark sky in little drops, annoying and needlelike. I stood on the third floor of the parking garage watching the buses roll in and out of the transit mall below me. The mall was a hotbed of seedy activity, pushers and addicts, street hustling runaways, the mentally ill and chronically poor waited together for the stinking metal hulls to take them away.

The greasy odor of diesel fuel filled the air as I watched the bus from San Francisco arrive. My heart beat slightly faster, “Was she brave enough to come?” a brief moment of doubt, of wry anticipation. I hustled down the stairs, my hand in my overcoat pocket held the soft and pliable tool I would begin with. AS I rounded the corner I saw her, improbable and somewhat geeky, standing at the curb dressed as I had told her to.

The girl looked a little concerned at that moment, I could read her mind, the fear and doubt shone like neon in the gray air. She was tiny, only about five feet tall, big glasses perched beneath her red and black punk hair. She was wearing an ugly coat that covered her thin and shivering body. Beneath it she wore a short skirt, white blouse and Mary-Jane’s with little white socks. A large bag was at her feet.

I slipped around the corner putting a bus between us. I waited for only a moment as the bus pulled away and I appeared to her, as if by magic. A wave of relief flowed across her face. I quickly wrapped her in my arms and gave her a peck on the forehead. “Good girl, you were almost late”. She stuttered something as I hefted her bag (it clanked) and led her to the garage. Up to the third floor I took her to the old Volvo and opened her bag. It was stuffed with toys; she had planned for everything (or so she thought). Dildos, vibrators, a small kit contained her collection of shiny nerve wheels and probes. I laughed.

She looked a little puzzled, unsure how to begin; I put the bag in the car,
“Turn around”. She did. I took off her coat and put it across the back seat. I lifted her dress; she was wearing cute little panties.
“Bend over”. She did. I leaned in close and whispered into her ear,
“I did tell you to not wear any underwear, didn’t I?” She moaned slightly,
“Yes, but I was on the bus and I thought....” Before she could finish I pulled them off. “Bad girl, bad, bad girl. Come over here” I pushed her to the edge of the level, she was slightly leaning out of the garage, thirty feet above the mall where people were going about their lives. Behind her I pressed in close and reached into one of my pockets. I pulled out a thick leather dog collar and pressing her against the railing I put it around her thin neck.
“You know the rules, once the collar is on your mine.”
“Yes” she stuttered.
“What’s your safe word”? She blushed,
“C-c-cunt”. I smiled; I had chosen the word for her because in our first meeting she had said that it was one of the most disgusting words she knew. It was, frankly, one of the most disgusting words I knew as well.

People. People were walking through the garage; I looked behind me and saw a group of three or four coming out of the movies. Going about their business as they looked for their space. I paused for a moment and reached into my other pocket. From behind I hiked her skirt revealing her tiny brown ass. Leaning into her and blocking her view I coated the blue, ridged, butt plug with a dab of Vaseline. Just as the group moved out of sight I bent her over slightly more and eased the tip of the butt-plug into her tight hole. She moaned.
“Silence, not a word.” I saw her close her eyes as I slid the plug in deeper, it kind of “thunked” as her opening tightened on each of the sections. It was designed to widen a hole to about a three-inch diameter, but to do it in three increments. “I told you no underwear,” I rammed the butt-plug into its hilt. She gasped, bent over looking down at the people below as I cruelly reamed her by turning the plug slowly around and stretching her out. Once the plug was firmly seated I dropped her skirt and opened the passenger door.

She sat down quietly, looking at me with a mixture of desire, pain and anticipation. “Give me your hand”. I struggled to get the leather cuffs to fit on her tiny wrists and ankles. Finally I had her secured to the seat. A chain held her arms back tightly, the seat leaned back just enough for the skirt to ride up revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. I got in, covered her slightly, and drove out of the garage, making small talk with the old man at the ticket boot before pulling into traffic.

Our destination, my home, was about a half hour away in the country. I could take any of a number of scenic routes; I chose to drive through the city, slowly. As we parked at the first light I reached over and opened up her blouse, revealing her tiny breasts. I hiked the skirt up as far as it would go.
“Are you ever going to challenge me on dress code again?”
“No sir”. I reached over and spanked her pussy, not hard, but hard enough. Four or five good slaps, she jumped and moaned.

We drove along the busy streets slowly making our way through town. It was amazing, we must passed dozens of cars and nobody noticed until we were stopped at a red light and a “princess” in her SUV with a cell phone clamped to her head looked over and saw my girl. We made brief eye contact; I smiled and waved as the shock caused her mouth to open. I gave my girl another spank and drove on through the green light. All the way to the house I spanked her occasionally.

I unhooked her restraints and made her lead the way into the house. She was going to be mine for the next 24 hours. As the door closed behind us I looked at the little pervert, standing there so brave, so ready and yet still shivering slightly with fear. I set her bag down with a thunk. I removed the cuffs from her hands and then took off her blouse. The skirt dropped into a puddle on the floor. Without a word I turned her around and appraised her. I bent her over the couch to check the plug. It was slowly coming out, and beneath it her pussy was gleaming wet.
“Nasty piggy, you’ve made a mess. Stay.” I brought a washcloth to clean the filth from her as I removed the plug, slowly, to her punctuated gasps.
“Down”. She immediately got down on hands and knees in front of the couch.
“OK piggy, grunt for me”. She did her best, but dear god that girl couldn’t act to save her soul. As I watched her trying to grunt I smiled and unzipped my pants. My cock was beginning to throb; I didn’t want to be too distracted during the rest of the night so I opted to take care of myself then and there. I left her grunting on the floor while I prepared, I wrapped my (now thick and slightly curved) cock and approached her from behind. She was still grunting when I pulled her up by the hips so that only her head and forearms were on the floor.

She was still tight. The Vaseline helped slightly but her hole was ridiculously tight. I struggled to insert the thick head of my penis; finally she gasped and went stiff as I managed to slide in just the first two or three inches.
“OK piggy, time for a quick fuck, what am I doing?”
“F-f-f-fucking my ass.”
“What do you say?”
“Thank you, Sir.”
“Good girl.” I drove home the entire length of my cock I knew it hurt. Each time I rammed my cock in to the hilt she said “Thank you sir.”. I pulled it out slowly, rammed it in hard, slowly out, slam back in. Eventually I simply rolled her into a little ball and pounded her ass as hard as I could. She was bent over, doubled and folded as I pounded her poor abused little hole. Finally I felt the orgasm coming on; I pulled out and whipped off the filthy rubber. Turning her over I shot a hot and thick load in five or six waves across her face and belly. Finished I threw the nasty rubber onto her fouled body. “Clean yourself up piggy, you’ve got work to do.” What a good girl, she quickly went to the shower while I waited to hear the water running. I then went to the sink to clean myself, with a blast of hot water I heard her gasp as the shower ran cold. I chuckled, “You’re EVIL!” she laughed. I know. The night had just begun.

funopencouple707 45M/45F

9/23/2005 1:24 pm

This story comes very close to crossing a serious line... several references to her being a "girl" and "tiny"... it's almost a pedophile story. Which is clearly disgusting.

rm_NeonShadows 48M

9/23/2005 5:49 pm

She is a "girl", in that she is a member of the female sex somewhat younger than me. She is tiny, in that she barely weighs 100 pounds. As for the rest I will comment tommorrow.

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