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9/19/2005 8:51 pm

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Freak Heaven

Wow. Two twelve hour days full of hard, sweaty work, loads of pot and beer and the joy of using a nailgun. The Haunted House has slowly crept into my schedule, demanding its blood. 8,000 square feet of freak heaven on the Russian River. Three sleepless weekends in October, maybe two thousand visitors this year (not bad given the population of our entire community is somewhat less than that).

But as we hammer and saw and bitch and moan about this and that the thought keeps occuring to me "Wouldn't it be cool to use this as a playspace for an adults only party!". In San Francisco there is the Power Exchange, three floors of penises but all of the amenities for exhibitionism and gnarly kink. The Citadel is more upscale, catering to the BD/SM lifestyle crowd and there are a few other venues and parties that go on throughout the year.

North of San Francisco however is a dead zone. You would think that communities as liberal as ours could put up with a few strip clubs or kinky salons, but NOOOOOO! Still, Guerneville is a randy and raunchy gay resort town, surely we could attract enough kinksters to keep a l;ittle trippy play space going....especially with all of those cool pnuematics, fog machines and lights.

I think that the secret to a great party lies in identity. First people have to feel safe before they want to play. Masks help, a masquerade ball is an ancient tradition for those who needed to get their freak on (as were most fire festivals). Beyond that a nice ambience, lights, dim areas, moderate temperatures. Good food and drink (not too much booze though), and a good ration of 60/40 women over men. Put those ingredients together and you've got a good time. Laissez les bon ton roulle!

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