Greeting and merry meet, account of day 1  

rm_Nemekai 31M
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7/20/2005 6:30 am

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Greeting and merry meet, account of day 1

Greetings and Merry meet all of you. Well I decided to start my own little blog and keep you updated on the events in my life. A quick recap on me and my life thus far though should suffice for today.

My name is Anthony. I am 20 years old and am serving in the United States Navy. I am currently an E-3 on the pay scale, meaning I'm only three rungs up on the ladder from the bottom. I had no child hood pretty much, it was spent protecting myself and my mother from an abusive, lying, cheating drunken father figure (not figure not just father)I never knew my biological father so I can proudly proclaim I am a BASTARD. When I turned 17 my mom finally left the ass and then a year later married Tom. My dear and adoring Step-father who has been more of a dad in 3 years then the fore mentioned ass was ever in 16. I graduated in Fort Wayne, IN. at Homestead High School, and then soon joined the military. January 5th of 2004 I started Boot camp and thus begun the journey I am currently taking. After boot camp and my training school for my job, I was sent to here in sunny tropical Guam. I serve aboard the USS Frank Cable. A submarine tender, in fact the only one in the Pacific Ocean. So thus I have been to Korea, Japan, Hawaii, Saipan, and hoping to go to Australia and Singapore. Being as those two are countries I want to visit.
Well that is the recap of things up to today, quick short and to the point. Tho not can be said of my bedside manners if you catch my drift ladies. LOL but thanks for poping in and checking out my Blog.
Blessed Be and Merry Part. May the Goddess guide you through your travels.

zoomzoomsluvtoy 51F

7/20/2005 1:34 pm

Merry Meet,

Anthony, it is so refreshing to find another here who understands the Goddess and her ways.

I am a solitary and have been for 23 years. How long have you been enlightened? Do you experience any discrimination in the Navy because of your chosen path? I guess I should ask in you are indeed out of the perverbial broom closet. lol.

I too came from THE difunctional family, and being a witch has given me the strength to forgive and move on to someone I am proud of. You too will find this in time.

Be safe in your travels. Tomorrow is a full moon, take advantage and send out what you need. The Goddess will provide.

Blessed Be


rm_Nemekai 31M

7/22/2005 6:44 am

Well Days 2 and 3 of my life. Yesterday I had the day off do to Guam's Liberation day which is when the U.S. Marines took control of Guam during WWII. I went to a friends house and watched a few movies. Then I got with my friend Andrea and went with her out to a place and...well lets just say I have a few bite marks and so does she. After that I went back to the ship which is where i live pretty much, and went to sleep. Today I woke at 0530 ( 5:30 am for you non military types lol) and went to go to Physical training. Well it was raining which meant it was cancelled. So I went back to bed and slept until 0730. Woke, showered, shaved, and then went to work. I worked until about 1400 (2pm) and then was let off. Went to my friends house and played some video games as I usually do. Did some laundry and then went back to the ship. Not much of a big day. Tommorow I have duty so that means I can't get off the boat until 0730 sunday morning. I had a comment put in here by Kell who, blessed be to you and thank you for the comment and questions. To answer I have been enlightened for *thinks* 5 years now. My mother was the one who showed me the way so I can't say that I was ever in hiding about it. With the Navy, yes I have met a little bit of discrimination for my Wiccan ways but where don't you? As for me, I am more of the spiritual side, so in a way I am solitary as well. As for the full moon, well I was as careful as I could be. lol. BUt thank you for the blessings and may the goddess guide you through your days. Blessed be.
Well that's pretty much it. Blessed be all and merry parting once again. Until tommorow.

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