Fantasy date #1  

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3/1/2006 9:46 pm

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Fantasy date #1

Here's my fantasy date.

I pick you up late morning or early afternoon and tell you we're going out for the day. We drive to the coast, either Santa Cruz or Monterey. Then we find us a special spot on the beach were we have our picnic lunch. We eat, we talk, we laugh and enjoy the sun and the ocean. After lunch we go for a long walk. Before we know it (time has flown by so fast) the sun is beginning to set. We build a small bonfire to keep us warm as we sit on our blanket on the beach and watch the sun sit. We hold hands, we put our arms around each other, we kiss, we laugh, and we look at the stars. A little later we go out and have dinner overlooking the ocean.

After dinner we go to our room (I've rented a room at one of the local hotels with a room on the beach over looking the ocean) and when you walk in the room you notice the lit candles, a massage table, soft music, and a drawn bath. For some reason you get this big silly grin on your face. Which makes me smile.

First I give you a bath. You think about the days events as I bathe you from head to toe and shampoo your hair. This takes about an hour. After your bath I put you in a big fluffy robe and we go out to the living room and out onto the balcony and listen to the ocean waves. Then I bring you back in and put you on the massage table. I give you a full body massage from head to toe. You feel totally relaxed, nurtured and appreciated. After about two hours of being totally pampered (whens the last time someone pampered you) I pick you up and...

The rest tomorrow.

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