My girlfriends girlfriend  

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My girlfriends girlfriend

My girlfriend decided to play matchmaker for one of her much younger friends with one of my friends. We had them over for drinks, swimming in the pool and a little get together in the hot tub. The girls put on their bikinis; we lit the tiki lamps around the pool and jumped in. After frolicking in the pool for a while under the stars, we jumped in the hot tub. I was sitting between the two girls when I felt her girlfriend rubbing her leg against mine and was playing footsie with me. She acted like nothing was going on but it sparked my interest. Well nothing happened that night and things eventually didn’t work out with her boyfriend but we had her over for several other pool parties. The last party she came to she was dressed for action. A pair of white skintight pants with a turquoise g-string, a flimsy low cut white summer top with a matching turquoise lace bra. When she sat down, her g-string would peek out from the top of her pants. When she bent over her full round breasts would almost fall out of her bra. I was very turned on and she knew it. Well it was time to get in the pool for the pool games. She went and changed into her new bikini. We all jumped in the pool and played a few pool games. Every once in a while the beach ball would go flying out of the pool and she would jump out and get it. However, her bikini bottoms would slide down each time she jumped out showing her nice round milky white bottom. So of course, the beach ball was “accidentally” hit out of the pool more than usual. Well nothing happened that day either but I spoke to her about being the entertainment for the party and she said she was glad that she could entertain me. Hmmm, I was thinking this sounded like an invitation so I decided to invite her over again. I told her we were having a surprise party for my girlfriend and to come over about 7:00 PM. Of course my girlfriend wasn’t going to be there. Much to my surprise, she arrived at 6:00 PM. I opened the door and told her to come in. I said “you’re and hour early”, she said, “oh, I thought you said 6:00 PM.” Hmmm, either she really forgot or I’m thinking she has an agenda. I look her over and see that she is dressed for action. She is wearing a low cut button down flimsy white top with a red lace bra, white summer pants with stiletto shoes. I asked her to spin around for me. I wanted to see her backside to see if she was wearing a matching red lace g-string. She did not hesitate; she smiled at me and spun around in a circle. She said do “do you like it.” I told her she looked “hot” and gave her a little slap on her ass. She smiled and said “Thank you”. I said, “For what, the complement or the slap on your ass.” She said both. I said, “Can I show you something.” She said “What”. I said it was a secret and that I would need to blind fold her first. She said, “I like secrets.” I pulled the blindfold out of the back of my pocket (preparation is everything) and placed it over her eyes. I took her by the hand and guided her downstairs. I had her sit on my inclined weight bench. She said, “So what is the surprise?” I said, “Lean back and I’ll show you.” She leaned back against the incline. I said “put you hands up over your head.” She said, “Why.” I said, “Just do as I say.” I could see that she was a little apprehensive but she did as I said anyway. I took her left hand and cuffed it to the weight bench. She said’ “What’s going on?” I said, you’ll see, just give me your other hand.” She wasn’t sure but she gave it to me anyway and I cuffed it to the other side of the weight bench. I said, “Are you ready for the surprise.” She was a bit nervous and didn’t answer but I think she knew what was coming. I climbed over and straddled her over the weight bench. I looked down at her helpless sexy body and heaving breasts and said “This is for all the teasing you have been doing to me, it’s my turn now.” Before she could say a word, I bent over and pressed my lips to hers, gently touching them and teasing her lips with my tongue. I wasn’t surprised when I felt her leaning forward and trying to kiss me back. At this point I knew she was mine. I pulled back a little. I was the one in control. I ran my mouth along her cheek and down to the nape of her neck. I gently kissed her on the neck. My hands reached down and unbuttoned her top. I moved my mouth up to nibble on her ear as I ran my hand across the top of her cleavage. I could hear her breathing more rapidly now. I whispered in her ear and told her how sexy she is. I ran my mouth back to her awaiting lips and kissed her gently. This time I allowed her to kiss me back. I removed my mouth from hers and ran my lips down her chest. I pushed the button on the front of her bra to free her heaving breasts. I placed my right hand around her firm supple breast and squeezed it gently. I placed my mouth over her left breast and circled her nipple with my tongue. I gently sucked on her breast as if I were a nursing child. My other hand now gently rolling her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I can feel her heart beating faster and faster. Her nipples are now rock hard and she is starting to moan softly. I slide my mouth down to her stomach and kiss her gently while I unbutton and unzip her pants. I run my mouth down to the top of her g-string while I run my hands along the top of her thighs. I rise back up and kiss her on the lips while I run my hand beneath her string and find her wet awaiting kitten. She lets out a soft moan “Ohhhhh.” I circle her clit with my finger and gently stroke her lips. Her clit is now hard and she is getting soooooooo wet. I stop kissing her and ask her softly if she wants to suck my cock. She say “Uh, huh.” I unzip my pants and pull out my member. I pull her down on the bench so she can reach it with her mouth. I place it gently across her lips. She leans forward to take me into her mouth. I tell her, “Not yet.” As I lean back and play with her kitten some more making sure to tease her but not to bring her to organism. She is really panting now and I decide to let her have me. She takes me deep into her mouth and moves her head back and forth so she can take in almost all of me on every stroke. “Mmmm” she says. I decide it’s time to remove her blindfold so she can see the pleasure on my face she is giving me. She looks seductively into my eyes as she strokes me with her mouth. I pull myself out and then gently reinsert myself back in her mouth. This time I am controlling the rhythm. In and out very slowly. I’m getting close now so I must stop or explode. I remove myself from her and move down. My hands grasp the sides of her pants and gently tug at them. I pull her legs together and slowly remove her pants and drop them to the floor. She is still wearing the g-string but not for long. I re-straddle her and place her feet on my shoulders. I run my hands gently from her ass up the back of her thighs and to her calves and back down. I reach down and slowly pull her g-string up to the middle of her thighs. Again I run my hands up and down the back of her thighs. She is looking at me with great anticipation. I pull her g-string off and let it drop to the floor. She is still wearing her stilettos. I move in between her legs and run my mouth and tongue along the inside of her thighs. Occasionally I brush my tongue across her clit. After some teasing, I decide to give her kitten my full attention with my mouth. I side my tongue up and down all along her kitten making sure I contact her clit with every stroke. Her body is now writhing with pleasure and her moans becoming louder. It wasn’t long before I knew she was ready for me. I placed her feet on my shoulders and took my cock and used the head to tease her. Up and down along her kitten occasionally inserting it inside her just a little and then back out. I knew she couldn’t take much more so I gave her all of me. She yells out “Oh baby!” I slowly long stroked her so she can feel every inch of my cock. After a minute or two I increase my rhythm until I am fucking her hard and fast. I can feel my balls slapping against her nice ass. It seemed like only seconds later she was screaming with pleasure as she reached organism. I let myself go as I let out a moan myself to let her know we were coming in unison. Our bodies writhing with pleasure as my warm cum squirted inside her. Man I had waiting a long time for this. When we were finished, I placed her legs back down on the floor and unhooked the cuffs from the weight bench. She said, “Wow, that was a great surprise, I’m glad I came over early. We’d better get dressed; the others will be here soon”. It was time to confess. I said, “That’s the other part of the surprise, nobody is coming over.” She said, “You’ve got to be kidding.” I said no, “ But why did you come over early.” She said’ “ Well, to tell you the truth, I was hoping something like this would happen. I’ve wanted you for a long time.” More to follow….

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