My ultimate fantasy....this is not PG-13 folks  

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8/16/2005 12:22 am

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My ultimate fantasy....this is not PG-13 folks

I'm often asked, "what are you looking for on AdultFriendFinder?" and depending on my mood - the answer varies slightly but the same basic need is there no matter what. I've played this scenario in my head time and time again (it's what I usually think about when I rub one out) so let's take a look and see how it translates on "paper".

I hang out at Mill's Street in Bristol from time to time because it's secluded and has lots of little nooks and crannies where I can ponder my thoughts alone or scope out a little "one-on-one" with a handy hard body. Much to my chagrin, the latter has been an unfulfilled desire, however, today, I was hoping that that I could stamp this fantasy "FULFILLED".

I didn't want to know his name, it really wasn't relevant in this situation. I told him where I would be and what I looked like - this was all the information he should need to make this a successful rendezvous. I stood on a little wooden dock that overlooked the Delaware River. The dock was nestled along a trail that was tucked into a grove of thick trees. Unless you knew where to look, you would walk right past me. A slight smile would lift the corner of my mouth every time the breeze played the hem of my skirt...knowing that a slight increase in the wind would expose my bare bottom hidden beneath my light cotton skirt. I felt so sexy and alive and aware of my femininity at that moment that I almost didn't hear the snap of a branch directly behind me.

I startled slightly but quickly regained my composure when I remembered why I was here in the first place. Calmly I began to turn around, but out of no where and seemingly out of place with the soft, serene surroundings - a pair of hard, tenuous, muscled, tan arms came around me and locked my position so I could not turn. My breath caught in my throat but I feigned expectation. I smiled and began to turn my head at the same time forming an introduction in my mouth but before I could do either ‒ his rough cheek pushed against my smooth face; forcing my head straight and chafing my smooth skin. He then pressed a strong finger against my lips and whispered softly in my ear, “shhhhhhhhh”.

My heart was racing. I had never been so aroused in my entire life and yet I had no idea as to what was coming. I fully surrendered at this point which was something I had never done completely. I had given myself entirely over to a man whose name I didn't even know. I smelled him, his cologne mixed with his musk, I felt him, his tall lithe frame combined with hard muscles throughout. I wanted more of him, all of him, I wanted to taste him, to own him, to become him.

I was rousted from this reverie by his hot breath on my neck. The shock of his tongue on my ear sent a wave of goosebumps over my flesh. His fingers dug deep into my thighs timing his caresses with the stroking of his tongue on my neck. As his hands moved up my thighs, my skirt rose with it. He played his forefinger across my bare ass and I could feel him smile obviously pleased with my choice of (or lack thereof) undergarments. He gently traced the outline of the curve of my ass, just barely grazing my skin with his fingertips. I could feel the heat of his fingers more than I could the contact. He ran his hands up my thighs to my waist where he was almost able to circle his hands around my 24 inch waist....feeling his powerful hands encircling my waist like that made me realize how much man he was compared to my little frame...the thought of him taking me completely caused me to pant and I reached behind me to touch him, to feel the part of him that was making me his slave. I was shocked to find I was touching his bare skin - he had found the opportunity to bare himself from the waist down - more excited I reached back to grasp him but before I could wrap my hand around his cock, he grabbed my wrist and roughly pinned it to the railing in front of me. Stubbornly, with my other hand, I reached down to touch myself but he caught that wrist also and pinned both my arms to the railing with his one hand.....the other hand reached down between my legs and opened me - and I felt his fingers enter me - more like invade me - forcing them in so hard that I was almost lifted off the ground. The feeling of him driving his fingers into me built a scream in my throat and I drew in my breath sharply but before I could make a sound - he pulled his fingers out and placed them upon my lips....then gently opened my mouth with them....and as he ran his fingers along my tongue - he said, "taste yourself". Eagerly, I licked his fingers and sucked his fingertips...I tasted the sweetness of me upon them....and wished I could have him in my mouth.

I should have learned by now who was calling the shots here, but years of being the aggressor, old habits die hard and I tried to turn around while dropping to my knees to show him my intentions....I didn't get very far. His hands grabbed my ass and he pulled up and pushed me forward until my entire body was pinned against the railing - held there by his arms and chest. Instinct was telling me to get control, but my body was telling me to surrender....and momentarily, instinct won - I locked my arms and slid them out of his grasp and with a wicked smile I quickly reached back and found what I was looking for. As my fingers wrapped around him, all of the fight left me....realizing that my hand could barely close around his cock....that my hand was on his cock but his body was still out of reach. The sheer size of him left me weak, left me powerless, and at the same time, almost like my body was trying to protect me, I felt myself get so wet that my mouth went dry and I looked down to see a single drop of fluid falling towards the ground. I saw the drop in slow motion, like the towel being thrown into the ring before the fighter hits the canvas. The drop was still falling as I was bent over the wooden railing - still falling as my long hair was pulled and wrapped around his fist, still falling as he braced his other hand against the small of my back.......and that moment that drop finally met the ground underneath me was the same moment that he thrust himself into to me....all the way into me....until I felt the wiry texture of his pubic hair pushed against my ass.

For that second, I lost the ability to see, to hear, to speak, but not to scream. My scream brought forth the birds from the trees, sent the hidden water creatures splashing back into the safety of the water, and made the most beautiful moan emit from my lovers throat. I could see his shadow in front of me....his beautiful body arched back, head thrown backwards, pelvis pushed up tight against my one stroke he had buried himself in me and I pulsed with excitement and pride...knowing that I was able to take all of him. Ever so cautiously, I began to turn my head to see him, timidly, almost like I was silently asking for permission....and he allowed me this. I was finally able to look at the man who had joined me to finally gaze at this strong but beautiful face. He gently stroked my cheek with one finger but never let go of my hair. I wanted him so bad and I moved my ass against him and flexed my muscles around him....he shook his head ever so slightly and whispered, "you've got a lot to learn missy" and with that pulled all the way out and then pushed all the way back in - in three consecutive strokes he did this until I was mewling in painful desire. There was nothing I could do - nowhere I could go - I wasn't allowed to touch myself to bring on the orgasm I so badly wanted and I whimpered in need. This sound of weakness was only fuel for his fire, he tore into me like a beast onto its prey. Savagely fucking me and expertly stealing touches to my clit and my nipples to further my already endless passion. The harder the onslaught, the more I was restrained, and soon his savage grunts became more frenzied, more cannibalistic....I knew he would come soon...and he knew I would to.....he bit down upon my shoulder and used three fingers of his one hand to push against my clit which was already swollen and hard with excitement and the resulting orgasm exploded from me and at the same time from him in a spray of our fluids and our sweat and our shouts and screams. His cock grew even more with the orgasm and I felt the flood of fluid pulse through him and into me and he gripped me - wrapping me in his arms - holding me motionless as he emptied into me. I could feel him grin every time my pussy would pulse with another wave of my orgasm and the pulse would pull on his cock still buried deep inside me.

We must have stood there in the aftershocks of our orgasms for 5 minutes and then he slowly and gently unraveled my hair from around his fist. He softly laid a succession of kisses down the back of my neck and lowered my skirt and turned me around to face him. He kissed me softly on the lips and murmured, "beautiful" and then turned on his heel and started walking away as he buttoned his pants and ran his fingers through his hair - stopping once on the fringe of the woods to turn and smile before he disappeared onto the trail.......

JoeyinPhilly1970 46M

8/16/2005 5:28 pm

Did you get your chance to fulFILL your fantasy? You know, I've never been to Bristol...

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