Chapter One - The mind is a wonderful thing to taste...  

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Chapter One - The mind is a wonderful thing to taste...

I waited until he was far enough away before I moved out of the shadows of the trees. I dialed the number.

"Hello", his gruff voice answered,

"Hi gorgeous - you are going to kill me but something really huge just came up at work and I can't make it there tonight, please don't be angry - I promise we'll meet soon....and I always keep my promises!"...I sounded genuinely disappointed.

"Hey, it's cool baby doll", he answered, "we'll just try this again another time, did you..."

Click. I hung up the phone and strolled over to my car, popped the hood and stared down at the engine with a perplexed look upon my face. A few moments later I hear the sound of feet on the gravel <good boy> and I turned to face him.

I could see his eyes register my lithe and curvey figure immediately and the slightest smile lifted one corner of his mouth but he still played out his tough facade.
"Pardon, but you wouldn't by any chance know anything about cars, would you?", I asked taking a step towards him, positioning myself provocotively....signaling. I saw his eyes glint and run down the line of my body. <check>
He mentioned he knew some things about a car engine and within minutes had located the loose fuse box wire that had mysteriously come out. I thanked him profusely - giving him the "I don't know what I would have done without you speech" and asked if he had any plans - maybe I could take him out for a cup of coffee in exchange for helping me. He stared towards the entrance of the park for a few seconds and then accepted my offer.

At the coffee shop he talked about himself...the entire time....about his talent....his muscles...his girlfriends...sneaking in a glance at me ....looking for some sort of approval for his enslaught of personal information. I was getting bored so I sat still and looked at him without saying a word. When he realized he had my full undivided attention he shifted uncomfortably in his chair...."So", I began, "in other words, you were raised in a single parent home...mother right? With at least two other got picked on a lot in school, probably never graduated but have a ton of talent and are loyal to your friends. Oh, and although you claim to be a freak in bed, it's actually your partner who's the freak in bed." He couldn't think of anything to say - for the first time since we met - now he was looking at me and I moved forward and rested my chin on the the palm of my hand then reached over and traced his full lips with my pinky finger. He was rapt with the feeling so when he opened his mouth to lightly bite my finger, I quickly gripped his face by the bottom of his jaw and turned his face towards me, "if anyone is going to be doing any biting, it will be me", I said looking him directly in the eyes....I held my stare for a few seconds later and then smiled and giggled. He donned a nervous smile and sat back in his chair - adjusting his pants - which seemed to fit a little different right about now so I reached forward and gripped him tightly. He tried to pull out of my grasp but I slid my legs across his legs and placed one of his hands underneath my skirt on my bare thigh. "See, if you do something nice for me, I'll do something nice for you," I told him as I pushed, rubbed, and gripped on him through his pants. His eyes had taken on a sheen and he then bit down lightly on his lip and at the same time roughly pushed a finger deep inside me. It felt amazing and I knew I was just seconds from coming. His cock was screaming for release too, rock hard and trobbing, I was able to pull it through the zipper in his cargo shorts and immediately he tried to put it away...."Excuse me, everyone!" I said very loudly and the cafe quieted....and so did my opponent. "Have a wonderful day", I finished and turned back toward my scared little rabbit...."you have to remember that the prid pro quo is in effect at all not only are you rewarded for your participations, but you will also be repremanded for your not being able to play as a team, okay?," By now I was massaging the head of his long shaft paying very close attention to the sweet spot under the head....and I felt it ready for I stopped and brought my hand out from under the table. "You do it - make it harder for me" I whispered gruffly into his ear and I saw he was hesitating so I gripped his face once more and forced him to look at me. "Do it please, touch yourself, or I am walking out the door right now!", I said with a predetory look in my eyes and I took him by the wrist and placed his own hand around his still hard cock. "Do it", I urged and his hand began making small rubbing motions so I reached between his legs and used my figer to explore him, his balls, his ass, and more of his cock. A sheen of sweat lined his face and got more obvious as he got closer to his orgasm and just as he reached the brink....I stopped his hand and told him to meet me in the men's room.

"I have to wait until it goes down before I get up", he said, and I cleared my throat very loudly as though preparing another announcement for the patrons and he jumped up quickly and towards the bathroom, went in.....and I picked up a pen and a paper napkin and wrote:

"I told the waitress you would take care of the bill, thank you for the coffee and pastry. And yes, I did leave you here....I have things I have to get done this afternoon. Are you angry? Good, remember that anger the next time you kiss me - remember that I walked out on you shortly after calling off our "date" once already...yes, that's you really think that there's a pair of identical Redhead twins running around this small town? Still angry? Excellent - hold onto that for next time IF there is a next time. Do you want to see me again? Teach me a lesson perhaps? Yes? Then here is what you must do. If you look to your left, you will see a striking man in a black T-Shirt and a tattoo on his neck. If I am to see you again - I am to receive a phone call from that man and you must be the pawn that will put us in contact with one have one hour to decide whether to explore this adventure or to stuff yourself back into your small colorless world you call a "life"....remember when I asked you to trust me? Do you? Then show me....I'll be so proud of you.

Kisses on all your pink parts.....


10 minutes later, my phone rang.

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8/24/2005 9:07 am

You are Evel
I like it..Lets talk but how do I reach you?

rm_TFLEXX101 41M

8/24/2005 9:07 am

You are Evil
I like it..Lets talk but how do I reach you?

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8/25/2005 4:23 am

Hmm, very nice, I wonder how you react when you are the prey not the predator though.

i_likematurewomn 37M

9/2/2005 7:09 am

good story...did it really happen?

crusen580 36M/33F

10/26/2005 3:50 pm

wow. thats pretty intense!

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1/10/2007 2:48 pm


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