I know what you did last summer  

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2/9/2006 9:08 pm

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I know what you did last summer

This was a real-life incident that happened last August, pre-divorce (open marriage), pre-commitment to "W". I wrote this as an email to someone but never posted it on my journal at the time. It was a bit racey and I knew some of the people who read my LJ blog might be hurt. "W" in particular. Funny though, because I ultimately ended up in a relationship with "W" and was all his for a year, up until recently anyway. I digress...

Mmm...do I have a story to tell you.

It is a bit long, but I thought it worth sharing...and writing about it gets me all hot...

I ended up at a local bar with some of my girlfriends...I had told "W" where I was going to be tonight and if he wanted to see me, he knew where to find me. 11 o'clock rolled around...I noticed I had a voicemail...I hadn't heard my phone ring and the number was listed as private. Imagine my frustration at not being able to call him back. 10 minutes later...there he was, standing next to me. We had cam chatted, so we knew what eachother looked like (benefit, eh?). Anyway, the bar is next to some office space, small shops and whatnot...we ended up on some stairs away from all the people and made out like crazy. I reached down and felt his hard cock through his pants...and a yummy precum wet spot, I was definitely having an effect on him. We did a lot more making out...at some point, his cock was out and of course, soon in my mouth. He was just the right size...I want to be able to deepthroat and I do have my limits. It didn't take long for him to cum...and oh yeah...it was a lot...I swallowed twice.

Anyway, we end up back at the bar after talking a while longer...found out my friends had gone. They had assumed that I had left with him...so I don't hold it against them for bailing. "W" gave me a ride up the hill to my best friend's house...as he was dropping me off, my best friend and another girlfriend had just arrived...and with 2 boy toys in tow. "W" drove off...

So, we all ended up on her back porch chatting, our other friend had crashed out in the spare bedroom...and I was feeling rather bold and naughty. I walked out and put my wedding band back on in front of them and made some kind of remark, I can't remember what at the moment. And of course, I've got the "fuck me" eyes down pat...I said something about not getting quite what I wanted. One of the guys implied they (yes, they) would be happy to take on the task. Well, my best friend had her eye on him (his comment was not made in front of her), they ended up in the kitchen making something to eat, I was alone with the other guy. He was kind of cute...probably about 23...dumb as a stump, but hey, why not? He ends up sitting next to me and suddenly, I'm now making out with him. This kid was eager...he was all over me, a bit rough with his hands and the way he kept trying to pull me to him...I kept having to remind him to slow down, be gentle, take it easy, this ain't a race to the finish. It didn't take long to have my hand in his pants...ohhh...he was pretty big. We ended up on the side of her house at some point...and there I was...giving my second blowjob of the night. He was too big for me to go all the way down...but I tried my very best. He wanted to do me right there...but I wasn't going for it...told him I'd let him do me anyway he wanted, even up the ass, but not there. He suggested going back to his place, but I didn't want to go anywhere. Anyway, at some point, everyone else went to bed, so we ended up on the couch...he came quickly. We kept kissing after this and a few minutes later...he was ready to go again. He was not real gentle about it...I had to keep telling him not to slam me, his big cock was hurting me. He seemed to finally get the idea, giving me a chance to do my part...allowing me to squeeze during each thrust...for him to feel the wetness, not part the sea...and allow me to grind at my own pace...gyrate my hips in the process. It didn't take long for him to cum again. I'm sure he would have liked to have gone a third time...but I was ready to leave. I gave him one last kiss...and bolted without even looking back. I wanted to leave it that way...and you know the best part? I didn't even know his name...lol...

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2/10/2006 2:36 pm

Cool story... that never happens to me. Other interesting things, but not that. *smile*

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