Hardware blues  

rm_NaeniaSea 46F
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3/12/2006 12:57 pm
Hardware blues

Every since early yesterday, I've been having Internet connectivity issues. Since we were being inundated with cold weather and rain, I attributed the troubles to Cox. Well, when I was having problems late into the night, I figured it was more likely my equipment. Determining what was faulty was where the headache began. I connected my laptop directly to the cable modem and here I am...no problems and time enough to make a blog entry. I couldn't tell if my netgear router had anything to do with it, but with it out if the equation, I was able to determine that the culprit was probably my linksys router. The router also handles VOIP, so my phone is down meanwhile...which is actually nice because the phone is not ringing off the hook with my daughter's friends calling. I guess I'll be making a quick run to Fry's and hope a new router fixes it all.

I hate messing around with this stuff, time consuming...my day is wasting away. I haven't been able to answer emails or blog comments and no messaging. Hopefully I'll get it all worked out soon enough.

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