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2/21/2006 12:08 am

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I just had the most interesting chat tonight. He lives on the other side of the nation so there is no chance to meet, but that's good too. Should I not have the best of luck in the romance department here, at least I've found several people worthy of friendship.

On that note...I can't wait until Friday. I will be meeting "A" for the first time after chatting via TM, IM and phone for a month. I set the pace, but I've been just about as patient as I can be. My vibrator and porn are not going to keep me happy for long...heh...if ever. I am just aching to be filled. I want more than anything, to spend an entire night sleep, just sex until our bodies are too sore to go any longer. I so love that my tubes are tied...I can be filled again and again without worry. I'll be so antsy by Friday that I may not even be able to sit still.

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