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11/6/2005 8:02 pm

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Well, not much is happening in my life, but I've had some time to think tonight, and that's never good. Right now I'm lamenting my loneliness and past loves lost. As many of you might have figured out, I'm not usually the most cheerful guy. I used to joke that I'd probably be bi polar, except I dn't get the happy spells. Honestly, I don't know for sure why I'm on AdultFriendFinder, I'm a virgin, don't really want to lose it, I'm not a one night stand kinda guy, and AdultFriendFinder probably isn't the best place to find ltr's. But, I haven't had anybetter luck anywhere else, so I'm here.
I'm a hopeless romantic, I believe in the code of chivalry, honor, and truth. I believe in true love, but just not for me it seems. I believe a woman is precious and should be protected at all costs. I believe a man's duty is to make the women in his life as comfortable as possible. Apparently, though, girls don't want a guy that believes in these things.
I would rather be dating a girl where there is a pure emotional connection, a true love, without sex, than have a supermodel that would screw my brains out at the drop of a hat. To me the emotional connection is so important, but it seems like it doesn't matter to others.
People ask if I'm picky about girls, and yes, I am. I want a lady, not a tramp or a whore, I want someone that I can connect with, someone I can love, someone I can talk with. My last girlfriend was cool, I loved her, but I couldn't talk with her. I'm a geek, or a nerd, and most of my knowledge is technically based. I have a much higher IQ than the average person, though sometimes I wish I didn't. She wasn't a stupid irrl by any means, but I just couldn't hold a lot of conversation with her. A lot of words I use in normal conversation she would have to ask what they meant. I have a drive to learn more, I love learning, and she was content with what she knew, didn't care about learning more. I just couldn't handle that, I like to talk, discuss, etc. and I just couldn't have a good converstion with her.
Back to being picky. So, what else am I picky about? well, I want a Christian girl, and I'm a member of a small denomination in which there aren't a lot of people, and this greatly limits my choices of girls to date. I want to find a girl that has similar interests. Someone who is strongwilled, but submissive as well. Someone that will go head to head with me in an argument, but will support me around others, even if she knows I'm wrong. Someone that will come to me when she's hurting, sit on my lap and let me console her, but will also give me big hug when I'm hurting. Someone who will let me layu down with my head on her lap while I cry, or someone to dry myu tears when I need it. I want someone to cuddle with on the couch while we wach a movie, with my arm around her as she leans into me as much as possible, someone to take a nap together, who will wake me with a soft kiss, or who I can wake with a soft kiss without it being awkward. Someone who understands me. Someone who will make me forget everything else but her.
Is that so hard to find? Apparently it is, because I can't find it.

amb_lily 40F

11/8/2005 4:36 pm


I think that you are being selective, not picky and I don't think there is anything wrong that. I would hope most people are selective when they are searching for a lifelong partner ...I hope you find her

rm_Mandi219 32F

12/17/2005 1:42 am

NWMNman7~I have to say that your description of your perfect woman is the most beautiful thing that I have ever heard. I thought that I was the only crazy person out there that still had all those kinds of standards for what I look for in my sole mate or life partner. I am so glad that I found your blog. It lets me see a whole other side of you.

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