My love life.  

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10/29/2005 6:51 pm

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My love life.

Well, some people have asked me what I meant by had some bad experiences with women, so I thought I'd just post it here. Ths is the history of my love life.
In school, I was always kinda a geek, in band, captain of the math club, etc. This, of course, didn't do much for my image for women. Besides that, there weren't a lot of girls in my school I was attracted to(small town, not a lot of choices, etc.) but still, no such luck. Anyway, I got involved in some youth organizations and met some girls there, got some major crushes. I remember my first one, lets call her K, and how after I told her of my interest, she told me about her boyfriend, and about how much I'd like him if I met him. yeah, right. Anyway, things went like that, I'd get a crush on a girl, she'd reject me, I'd be heartbroken for awhile, anywhere from a week to a month or two, and then the cycle would start over, sometimes I'd go a month or two or more without getting a crush on a girl. My junior year of high school I was really good friends with this one girl, lets call her C, and really liked her, but she had a boyfriend, so nothing could come of it. The summer before my senior year, I fell for this other girl, hard.(I'd given up efforts on the girl that had a boyfriend) We were friends, and she said that's all it would ever be, but I wasn't happy with that, so I worked, did every little romantic thing I could think of, and finally, the day before my senior year of high school we started going out, and I had my first kiss, (I won't put the exact time and date, but I know it down to the minute). We had a wonderful relationship, about as storybook as you could ever want, for over a year. Well, I started college, and was having a hrd time adjusting, and was home one weekend, and sat up Sat. night with a rifle, and almost killed myself, but I said to my self, "Self, you've got a wonderful girlfriend that loves you, go see her tomorrow and she'll hug you and make everything ok." So, the next day I went up, saw her, and she told me she didn't love me anymore and couldn't go out with me. Yeah, ouch. Anyway, that put me into a depression that nearly killed me, and sometimes I wish it had. It took me a long time before I could start living again, and to be totally honest I still have some troubles with depression. I had some wonderful friends that got me through the worst of it, and I eventually got back into being able to like women again. So, I went back into my cycle of falling for a girl, getting crushed, etc. That went on for over 3 years, during which time I got around 40 rejections, 3 times stood up at the place we were meeting, and 4 times getting called less than 15 minutes before the date to cancel. No, I'm not really obsessive, I just have a near-photographic memory, especially for numbers. Anyway, I had transferred to a different college for academic and personal reasons, and finally, just after Christmas met a nice girl, we started dating, and it was good. We had a rocky start, but things straightened out. She was a nice girl, and very conservative. We didn't kiss for over two months. Yeah, you read right. But I was ok with that, because she was a good girlfriend and friend. I went home for the summer, during which time things went downhill, and we realised that as nice as we were, we would never be wonderfully happy in love, and even though we could stick it out long term if we worked at it, it would be better for both of us to break it off, so we did. That was well over a year ago, during which time I've amassed 3 times stood up, 5 times cancelling less than a half hour before the date, and about 20 rejections. So, that's been my love life so far. Oh, wait, I forgot to tell you about another incident that happend in my life. Between the two girlfriends I was in a fraternity, and we had this weekend retreat. The guys told me to get a date a couple months in advance so that the girl would hav etime to get a dress, tan, etc. So, I asked this girl I had been talking to for a couple months from a yahoo dating site. She accepted, and thigns were all good, except three weeks before the retreat, she mentions in passing that she started dating a guy.(no, we weren't dating yet, but I thought things were going well) So, I figured I didn't have enough time to get another date, so we'd go as friends. Well, we drive 4 hours to the cabins, together, I asked her how she and Brian were, she said, "We're doing good" and that was it. During the weekend I slept on the floor, (cabins had queen beds only) and the big dance was sat. night. Everyone was in formals, and I was the photographer, so I was busy for a while, and while I as taking pics she disappeared. I decided to make the best of it, and danced with some of my friends, and then went back to the cabin. Well, I'll make this a little shorter by just saying that where she went was to hook up with one of my frat brothers and make out for two hours. Oh, and when did I find this out? the next Wednesday from a friend, who knew a friend who knew a friend of hers. Well, I didn't know what was going on, so next time I saw her online, I asked her about it, and she admitted it all to me, and said she was going on a date with my frat bro that night. Turns out, she had broken up with her boyfriend before the retreat, but decided not to tell me so that she wouldn't be expected to dance with me or hug me or anything. The wierd thing was, I didn't even find it that bad because of the other things girls had put me through. So, I think I've told all the main points of my love life, but who knows, more might get added. If you have any questions, elt me know, and I'll probably answer them.

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11/3/2005 8:36 am

Wow Man you have had some tough breaks... Hang in there hopefully it will get easier.

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