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12/21/2005 5:29 pm

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Life changing news

Well, the day has finally come. Well, actually the day won't come for a few more weeks, but I know it is going to come. I'm moving out on my own. I got a job offer today, and this one is too far for me to commute from my parents house. Upside of this move is:
New, better job that I will like more
Better wages
More hours
Working with people that are similar to me
Working with people that I don't have to dumb down my vocabulary around (sorry, no offense)
Better references in the future
No more parents asking why I'm getting home late, or who I'm going to visit, and why.
No more parents in my business

Downside of this move:
I have to figure out how to cook more often
I have to pay for my housing
Basically, the only downside I've figured out is financial, but I think it should be ok. With the raise in pay and more hours it actually should more than even out. The biggest downside is going to be setting up my apartment with stuff like furniture, and um, i don't know what else, but it's probably gonna be expensive. Oh, and I have to get a bed. It's gotta be at least a queen so my feet don't hang off the edge. Any auggestions on brand or type?

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