The ":typical" male...  

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11/26/2005 9:12 pm

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The ":typical" male...

he Typical MALE.

To me, the typical male's mind consist's of 20% actual thought process, 10% troubleshooting and 70% is based on sexual inuendo. Need I say more? I guess I have to break that down..

The Thought Process.

If a MALE can actually get around the sexual thoughts that constantly pummel him, he can actually seem like a nice person. A loving and often caring individual that is often confused by the sexual inuendo that's constantly going through his mind.

The troubleshooting male is basically EVERY man on this earth. So what if it takes us 7 hours to figure out how to repair a simple gasket on a toilet to prevent it from leaking, we still have to figure that out because of all that sexual inuendo. In short, A leaky toilet can be repaired by replacing the grommet, not the entire toilet

Not every man thinks of sex every minute. I happen to fall into that catagory, which in turn, women think i'm gay. Even gay men have hit on me because of that fact, which isn't fair at all.

All men, I don't care if your the pope, look at women, regardless of your situation or relationship. It's a simple male instinct to look, conquer and mate. Just like animals.

A male's behaviour? Let's put it simply. All MEN are simple robots. We have the capicity to think beyond our typical program, but once a woman entires our life, we get all fucked up. Our program constantly overwrites itself, thus forming a constant state of confusion. In short, we become the equivilant of retarded mice.

Most women think they've figured out the male, just boast his ego and they simply have us. Which falls true to MANY men, TOO MANY MEN in fact. A woman can simply say, your cut off and the man's EGO is swooned and often get's him into a situation compared to marriage. Leaving the man often wondering, "how'd that happen", which leads to the man cheating because he knows no better.

This falls true for women as well, for reasons which fall beyond my comprehension of thinking.

The Male EGO.

This is something which women tend to nurture and know that it's the key to a mans heart. Tend to a mans EGO and a woman can get you to do ANYTHING she wants. Most men don't understand this and many have fallin victim to it, thus resulting in a relationship or even MARRIAGE! (oh no!)

A women WILL use any means she can to keep you in her life, bartering with your ego and playing silly games with it. Only a REAL MAN can see through this and only a REAL MAN can stop or even prevent his ego from taking over the natural instincts for which women know. If a man can tend to his ego, a woman will have to work harder and may eventually have to give up, leaving the man feeling victorius.

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